Music Reading Workshop for Singers - Session 4
We're so glad you're interested in strengthening your music reading skills and so excited you're joining us for this workshop! Please note that there will be a separate sign up for each session as participants may not want to partake in the whole series. We hope to see you for the others, though!
Music Reading Workshop for Singers - Overview
This four part workshop series will follow the basics of music reading and is geared towards singers. This will apply primarily to a musical theater format, but also can apply to choirs too.

Here is an overview for the series:
Session 1: “What Am I Looking At?” - Learning the Basics for Following Sheet Music
Session 2: “What’s a Cut-off?” - Learning Rhythm Basics
Session 3: “What’s My Note?” - Learning Note Name Basics
Session 4: “Putting It Together” - Helpful Tips and Tricks to Get By

Prior to each workshop, you will be sent additional materials (PDFs) that you will need to access during the workshop (and you can keep after!). These can be printed ahead of time or viewed digitally on your own device during the Zoom workshop.
The date for this workshop is March 21, 2021 from 2:00-3:00pm
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