Arts and Commerce College Vaduj Satara
B.A. I Test II - Communication Skills
For 30 marks
All the questions are compulsory

Dr. Sachin G.Kamble. Prof. S.S. Agrawal
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Class with Division *
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Name of the Institute *
Write a telephonic conversation between Anita and Latika regarding getting an appointment with Ms. Pradnya Kulkarni. Imagine the details like timing, work etc. (5) *
Imagine that you are the Librarian of Mahatma Gandhi Library, Sangali. Write a set of instructions for the members who borrow books from the library. ( 5 ) *
Describe the following thing: Your Cell phone. (5) *
Write short descriptive passage about: (only one). (5). 1. Your favourite teacher. 2. Your mother *
Describe your father's daily routine (5) *
Write a piece of conversation making enquiries with a manager about hotel booking at Mahabaleshwar. ( Make the enquiry of type of suites available, AC/Non AC facility, type of food, such and other facilities. (5) *
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