Check your Style Quotient
We all have our own style of dressing. Do you know what is your style?

Style Quotient Self-Assessment is a diagnostic tool that helps you understand the importance of appropriate dressing, grooming and style. Answer the questions that follow honestly .

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Are you aware of your exact body shape and wear clothes and accessories, which enhance your figure variations? *
Are you aware of the personal colour of your eyes, hair, skin, etc… and choose clothes that accentuate them? *
Do you know your personal style? Are you aware of your personal style? *
Are you aware of your face shape and choose the right hair style, facial hair (for men), glasses, makeup and accessories? *
Do you experiment with clothes keeping in mind lines, color, pattern, fabric and texture to look interesting? *
How often do you receive compliments for your appearance? *
When do you update your closet? *
What do you wear when you go out to the bank or grocery store? *
How do you feel about the clothing you own? *
Whether you follow them or not, are you up to date on the latest trends? *
How often do people in your social circle seek your advice on their appearance? *
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