Registration for Desmos Round-1B
Hello Desmos Friends,

If you are interested to join Round-1B, please submit this form.

The deck and introduction we used can be found below. Please note that these are still under active development:

✅ Deck: [to be updated soon]
✅ Introduction Paper:
✅ Block explorer:
✅ Download Mooncake, the decentralized Twitter build with Desmos:

➡️ Name of token: Desmos Token, or "DSM"
➡️ Initial supply: 100,000,000 DSM, inflationary
➡️ Target mainnet: Q2 2021
➡️ Restriction period:
- 33.33% of DSM purchased lock-up for 12 months since mainnet launch;
- Remaining locked token will be released in equal portion (5.58%) for 12 months thereafter (i.e. the 13rd to 24th month since mainnet)
➡️ Sale price for Round-1B: US$0.07 per DSM
➡️ Min/Max purchase: 20,000 DSM / 1,500,000 DSM
➡️ Sale period is now open and will close at or before 22:00, 17 September 2020.
➡️ Remark: we will keep opening new rounds with gradually escalating prices to reflect the progress of the project

Please kindly indicate your interest and we will contact you afterward. For enquiry please contact Thank you!
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