Reporting point on energy poverty
As you might have noticed the energy bill has increased sharply. The government wants to help single people and families on low incomes by giving a one-off sum of €800 per household. But most students also have a low income but do not get energy compensation. Apparently, it is too complicated for the government to determine how students live and whether they really need it because they often live in rooms and share costs. The decision of the government is one of the many examples of students being left behind in policy decisions. Like other student unions and the LSVb (national student union), we have set up a Reporting point on energy poverty to get an idea of how the rising energy bill influences you. So we can fight for energy compensation for students!

Please fill in this form, it won't take much time and it will help us! Share it also with your friends!

Thank you in advance.
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How much more money will you spend on your energy bill this year? *
If your rent has been increased, how was this decided? (What was/were the given reason(s)?)
Was the increased rent done by consultation?
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Have you run into financial difficulties because of the increased energy bill?
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If you answered yes, to what extent did you run into financial difficulties? (How do you notice it in your daily life?)
Overlapping with the previous question, what did you have to do to pay the rising costs?
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 Have you tried to get energy compensation through your muncipality?
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What energy label does your house have? (if you don't know it you can look it up from the following website: *
Do you want to tell us more about your situation? How can we contact you? (Only the SRVU owns the data and we will delete the data after we have finished this research)
Do you give permission to share the data (we won't share your contact details) with the national student union (LSVb)? *
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