Application for Design Internship
Thank you for your interest in POLYCHROME!
There are always exciting opportunities to work with our creative team. Please take a look at the description of the position and requirements below and scroll further down to apply. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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please give us an idea of what kind of projects you hope to work on with us *
no so much, but willing to help
kind of interested
really interested
yes - so excited work on this!
trend research
posting about trend on our social media accounts
contributing to our trend reports
direct (online) interaction with our artists
creating repeat print artwork
helping to maintain our online collection of prints and trend
please give us an idea of your level of experience *
no experience - excited to learn
some experience - will need a supervision
confident - will just need a little guidance
I am a rockstar at this :-)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
creating digital repeat patterns
image research and trend research
experience creating mood boards and trend reports
Pinterest expertise
Instagram expertise
Submit your resume - please cut & paste below or submit a link to an online PDF or version below *
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IMPORTANT: you MUST submit examples of pertinent work for this position
a link to online portfolio or link to PDF of images is preferred.
Pertinent work is: examples of your print repeat artwork, either by hand techniques or digitally created; examples of trend presentation materials and research you have done; moodboards created on social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram - you can include the links to the comments section below.
*please note* any application submitted without some kind of portfolio/examples of work will be disqualified
most internships have a minimum of 3 consecutive months and minimum of 10 hours weekly. Please advise your desired time frame. Give a range as some internships are booking about 6 months out *
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