Foster Application
PROCEDURE: Please be sure to provide as much information as possible on your application to help us to determine the best possible foster dog for you and your family.

Our main goal is the successful and permanent placement of each and every dog we rescue into loving forever homes. Part of that successful placement includes a loving foster home for our dogs to stay while we find their home.

Please allow us to help you in choosing a dog whose age, size, temperament and activity level match your lifestyle to ensure a positive foster experience for everyone, 2-legged and 4-legged alike!
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Does your landlord or HOA have any breed, weight or fence restrictions? *
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If yes, are you planning to continue fostering after you move?
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Are you able to provide food for your foster dog and transportation to/from the vet when needed? *
How many total hours will your foster dog be left alone during the day? *
Do you have a crate available for use? *
(If not, the Rescue can provide one for you)
If yes, how many hours will your foster dog be in the crate?
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If no, where will your foster dog stay during the day?
Please list the name & age of ALL occupants in your household (including yourself): *
Example: Betty Bark, 45 / Joe Dawg, 47 / Polly Pup, 5
If no children, do you plan on having children or will children be visiting the household frequently? *
If yes, please provide details?
Are any members of your household allergic to animals? *
If yes, please describe:
Who will have chief responsibility for the care of your foster dog? *
Do you have any current pets? *
If you currently own a dog, how does he/she react to new dogs? Any behavioral issues? *
(If you don't currently own a dog, please enter N/A)
Over the past 5 years, how many pets have you owned? Please list each individually, starting with your current pets, and include name, age, breed, whether still living with you, and if not, why? *
Example: 3 Pets - Spot, 12, Dog, Current / Fluffy, 6, Cat, Current / Squawk, 16, Bird, Deceased. If you don't currently own any pets, please enter "N/A"
Are your present pets up-to-date on their annual vaccines (including heartworm and flea prevention)? *
If no, please explain:
Are your present pets spayed or neutered? *
If no, please explain:
Please provide the name & phone number of the veterinarian or shot clinic that will verify your pets are spay/neutered and up to date on vaccines & yearly HW preventatives. If you do not purchase HW preventatives from your vet/clinic, please provide info about where you purchase your preventatives. *
Please call your vet and authorize them to release information to BarkVille. Many vets will not provide us with the information we need to approve your application if they haven't received permission from you to speak with us.
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