Northern Invasion 2018 Radio Request Form
Thank you for your interest in Northern Invasion, May 12 & 13, 2018 at Somerset Amphitheater in Somerset, WI. Please fill out the information below to apply for media credentials.

DISCLAIMER: Completion of this form does not guarantee your request. Press tickets and passes are limited in quantity. Preference will be given to outlets that have promoted & supported Northern Invasion. Note that this form is for radio ONLY. There is a separate application for TV, print & online publications.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Please note that photo passes will be very limited this year. We can provide a link to photos from our staff photographers if a photo pass is not approved. All approved photographers will be required to sign a standard photo release form at the media tent. Photographers may also be required to sign a standard photo release form by individual artists, at the artists' discretion.

ALL REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY Tuesday, April 10. All approved stations will be notified roughly 4 weeks before the festival.

Please list the number of tickets you are requesting. Each person needs a ticket to enter the facility. Furthermore, a media pass is required to enter the press tent, and a photo pass for the photo pit. Media/photo passes are not transferable.

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The Northern Invasion web site can be found here:

If you have any additional questions, please email Shauna Eckstadt at

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