HIDDEN PIECES Reviewer Appreciation Giveaway
This reviewer appreciation giveaway is an attempt on my part to encourage early readers of HIDDEN PIECES to write short reviews and share them, or to cross-post reviews they've already written for places like Goodreads and personal blogs to other sites where they can be seen by more readers.

This is not an attempt to score more positive reviews. Any rating (or no rating on sites where that's allowed will qualify you. Good reviews, critical reviews--I won't even read them unless you're a winner and I have to verify you. Honestly, the worst review is no review at all. Please see my blog for more info on how I feel about reviews. This is not me expecting you to go out and buy my book and read it ASAP. I will do another one of these giveaways in December for people who read the book after it is more widely available in libraries.

You must write an honest review of at least 50 words, and post your review in three places. My personal preference is Amazon and/or B&N, and then Goodreads and/or your blog or other social media. Obviously not all of you use those sites, which is fine. Other places you could post include other bookstore sites. Booklikes, YA Books Central, Worldcat.org, other library sites, YouTube, Instagram, school newspaper, etc.

The first 50 people who fill out this form will all receive 2 signed HIDDEN PIECES bookmarks and a magnet. One random person out of 50 will receive a $25 Amazon or B&N gift card or the equivalent from an overseas retailer for INT winner. If the book gets 50 Amazon reviews by October 1, I will give away a second $25 gift card to a second winner, so tell your friends who have read the book to enter too :) Please do not enter before reading the book. If I have reason to suspect your review is fake or plagiarized, I will disqualify you. Thanks for understanding.

This form will close on October 1st.

What is your email address (in case you win)? *
Paste in the links to your three reviews. If you can't get a direct link, paste in the closest link you can and then give me the necessary info to identify you, like the name you used to review the book. Email me if you have questions about this. *
If you want the swag (sometimes people enter just for a shot at the gift cards) leave me your mailing address, including your name if I don't have it. INT ppl: Be sure to use a postal code if you have one, and if possible put the address on multiple lines like I should address it. Thanks :)
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