Chm 206 Expt. 0. Orientation
Entering data on-line is an important part of most of the lab experiments. Data entered this way allows Dr. Mattson to check your calculations, correct use of units and significant figures. On-line results can add up to a lot of points so enter these data carefully. On-line data are normally entered by you and your lab partner together before you leave the lab. Do this together to assure data are being entered correctly.
You and your lab partner will enter this information together (just once for the two of you). If you need to re-enter it, Dr. Mattson will only grade the most recent one. *
If you and your partner decide to enter information separately (this is unusual), each of you should just list your name and your e-mail address, but not your partner's name or e-mail, because she/he will enter their own information separately. *
If you and your partner intend to enter information together, but only give your name, Dr. Mattson will assume your partner is planning to enter their own. This will result in no point credit for partner. *
Enter your name and your lab partner's name (unless you are entering information separately) *
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Enter your section *
1. (2 pts) Next you will be asked to enter your lab station, which consists of your station number and then either A or B, such as 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, etc. If there are only two people at your station, you are "A" - for example 3A. Do not leave a space between number and letter. Which of these are acceptable? Check all that are. *
(1 pt) Now enter your lab station: *
Use the format 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, etc. No space between number and letter!
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Enter your Creighton e-mail address *
Format: -- Be careful! This is how you will receive the evaluation of your on-line report. Most of my undelivered e-mail comes from sending out on-line reports to people who made a typo entering their e-mail address - usually by misspelling creighton!
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Enter your partner's e-mail address (unless entering information separately)
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2. (1 pts) Write your name on the cover of your lab manual, along with "Dr Mattson, Section __". Then on the inside front cover write your lab partner's cell phone number, so you can text her/him if necessary. *
(1 pt) Numbers that are not overly small or large can be entered directly (for example, 0.00448). Numbers larger than 1000 or smaller than 0.001 should be entered as exponentials. Exponentials must be entered in the ONLY format recognized by Microscoft Excel -- the E format without spaces as described on Slide 17. If your value has to be re-entered for grading, you will receive a 1 pt penalty for each occurrence. Which one of these is acceptable for the number 0.0000772?
3. (2 pts) Enter Avogadro's number, in correct format for Excel. (You can google it if necessary)
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4. (3 pts) Enter the first names of your three TAs.
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