Badger Press new Open Access/ Studio Hire user ~ Expression of interest form
Thank your interest in using the Badger Press studio. Please complete this form to provide us with a little more information about you, your level of experience and how and why you would like to use the Badger Press studios Open Access and/ or Studio Hire facilities.

This information will be used by the Badger Press for administration purposes only; we will not add you to any mailing lists, it will not be shared with any third parties, we will only use this information to contact you directly by email or phone. Once completed we will store this information in digital form only, if at any point you wish to stop engagement with the Badger Press you are asked to formally request that we delete any personal and/ or contact information we have stored on file. Without further contact the Badger Press will erase an individuals record after 12 months of inactivity.

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Of the processes you have identified please provide us with your level of experience of each along with how/ where & when you gained this experience. *
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The Badger Press runs a minimum of two Supervised Access/ Induction sessions a month. We primarily run these sessions on weekends but understand that doesn't work for everyone. Please indicate your preferred day of the week to join us for Supervised Access.
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The Badger Press is a volunteer lead organisation so addressing the volume of enquiries can sometimes be challenging for us. Please use this section to let us know how soon you'd like to get into the studio, if there are any caveats to your use of the studio and if there are any pressing deadlines you need to meet.
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