FediCare: Tanks for Activity
Request your FediCare Tanks here. Please be honest as we will be checking.

FediCare Activities:

*Join Discord: Drop by our party channel:

https://discordapp.com/channels/179351853425885184/179351853425885184 (invite code https://discordapp.com/invite/QjHrvhn) and receive 5 tanks

*Post on the Forums:

Make a profile on our forums (http://fedparty.forumotion.com), request Fed access, join us in leadership and decision making, and receive 20 tanks, simply post and receive 5, make #1 top poster and receive 15.

*Apply for a Fed Job:

Message the Party President, or anybody in leadership, looking for a Fed Job and receive 5 tanks, do the job for a month and get 10 more.

*Write an article in game:

Post the link, and receive 10 tanks, if it's about the Federalist Party, tag it [FED] and receive 15 tanks.

*Apply for Congress via the Gdoc and receive 10 tanks

*Vote in a Fed Forum Primary and receive 5 tanks

No Fed Left Behind (NFLB)
A once daily supply drop. This program is available to all Federalists Members.
Supply drop is 80 Q5 Food and/or 8 Q7 Tanks
eRep Name *
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Your answer
Are you a member of the Federalist Party? *
(NFLB) What are you applying for? (Check all that apply)
Article Link [10 tanks 15 if Fed related]
If you are requesting FediCare for writing an article please post the link here
Your answer
Forum Access Request link [5 tanks]
If you are requesting FediCare for creating a Fed Forum profile and requesting Fed Access please post the link
Your answer
Job Applicant [5 tanks]
Please tell us who you spoke to in regards to taking on a Fed Job
Your answer
FediCare Other
Please check all of the Boxes that apply
Discord [5 tanks]
Please tell us what Discord nickname you used and what member of Leadership can confirm your visit. (e.g. Discord name JoeJones, FedLeader Orikricai)
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