Registration for Multiple Leagues
PLATINUM & GOLD MEMBERSHIPS -- for benefits / details refer to:

Please note this system is NOT for registering other players (including Juniors).
ONLY register for yourself ...even if you have other family members that want to play.
Depending on the league, you can request teammates, but please note not all requests can be guaranteed.

On subsequent pages you will be asked which LEAGUES you are registering for, as well as collecting some information from you about the league(s) you will be playing in. In order to process your registration without delay, please provide accurate information and SKIP PAST all the questions on each of the SPECIFIC PAGES FOR LEAGUES that you will * NOT * be playing in...!

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address provided will be given to league managers AND to send an invitation (if you are not already participating) for you to join us on "SLACK" -- which is our primary communication tool. Our 'Slack' site is also available as a smartphone app, and has become our primary tool for finding subs! In addition, Slack has several built-in channels for league managers, volunteering, L2Cs, and all other club matters. In short, it's not only useful's important for you to join!
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Note: for Winter registration, select 'Gold' for unlimited leagues.
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