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Use this form if you're interested in adopting a rabbit from All Paws Rescue.
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Do you currently have rabbits(s)? If so, please tell us about him/her/them (include age, gender and personality, please). *
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If you have other rabbits, do you plan to cage your new rabbits separately or together?
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Reference Section
Reference #1 - Please list the name, phone number and email address *
Reference #2 - Please list the name, phone number and email address *
Rabbits do not require annual vaccines or other preventive treatment, but many veterinarians are not skilled in the treatment of rabbits, so it’s wise to find an experienced exotic veterinarian in advance of any illnesses or injury. Do you have an exotic or rabbit veterinarian for your new pet? *
If yes, please list the vet's name and the name of his/her clinic, along with the full address and phone number. *
May we contact your vet as a reference?
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If you don’t have a veterinarian, may we recommend one?
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