2020 Summer School - Edgenuity
Students must complete all information in order to enroll in summer school. Summer school will take place June 8 - June 26, 2020 and will be online. Students will do all work from home as there will be no access to any labs at RHS. Edgenuity Teachers will be accessible by email for any questions, unlocking tests, and grading writing assignments.

Structure of Edgenuity courses:

• Courses are divided into semesters (A & B) and each semester into 5 modules depending on the course.
• I understand if I am enrolled in a course with modules (English, Social Studies, Math, Science) a course grade will NOT be awarded until all FIVE (5) modules are completed. My final semester grade will include an average of each module grade.
* Each course is approximately 50 hours, average to complete.
• I understand that within each course, other than English, grade weights are: assignments 10%, quizzes 20%, topic tests 20%, and final exam 50%. For an English course, the grade weights are: assignments 10%, quizzes 10%, topic tests 15%, essays 15% and proctored final 50%.

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