Management: Chapter 7 - Pricing Decisions
Prepared by Joshi Paul, Sarvodayam VHSS Aryampadam, Thrissur.
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1. Find the odd none *
1 point
2. Which one of the following is not an objective of Pricing policy *
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Match the following *
3 points
3. A very high price is fixed initially
4. Charging a low price initially
5. Pricing in oligopolistic market
6. Pricing that fully covers the cost is: *
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7. It is a pre- emptive pricing method which aims at discouraging the other firms in the market to offer substitutes. *
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8. Which pricing is related to one firm emerges as a market leader and sets the price. *
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9. Find the odd one *
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10. Which pricing is recommended because of the following reasons: a) Provides higher volume of sales even during the initial stages.b)Helps to discourages the entry of new competitors. *
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