FTWRC Survey 2021

Since its creation in 1996, the Four-Township Water Resources Council ("FTWRC"), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has served Barry, Prairieville, Richland, and Ross Townships to protect our water resources in order to preserve the natural beauty of where we live.

The FTWRC has now come to a crossroads as to whether or not we continue into the future, or cease to exist.

To that effect, we ask you to please complete this survey.

Your response is essential to continuing to serve on your behalf. Please complete this survey by September 15th, 2021.
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Four-Township Water Resources Council, Inc.
Do you live/own a home in Barry, Prairieville, Richland, or Ross Township? If so, which township?
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Protection of our watersheds by the FTWRC is not exclusive to the above four townships. Therefore, do you live/own a home in any of the other townships noted on the attached map? If so, which township (see map below)?
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Four-Township Watershed Map
Are you aware of the FTWRC Mission Statement? *
Mission Statement of the Four-Township Water Resources Council
Assist in the development and implementation of land use strategies that retain the rural environment currently enjoyed by township residents, protecting lakes, streams, drinking water, agriculture and open space.
Is this mission statement important to you in meeting the environmental needs in all of our watersheds? *
Mission Statement: Why did you answer the way you did in the question above?
Are you aware of the many accomplishments the FTWRC has made on behalf of those who live/own a home in the four townships?
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FTWRC Accomplishments
Due to limited space, stated below is an incomplete list of the many Accomplishments of, and Advocacy by, the Four-Township Water Resources Council

Four-Township Watershed Management Plan/Updates
* Enables the FTWRC to obtain large grants, $2 million to date, from both the state and the federal governments to achieve its management goals

Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy - Ongoing and successful partnership with the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy related to securing close to 1,000 acres of conservation easements in the Prairieville Creek/Gull Lake Watershed, and Augusta Creek

Gull Lake Quality Organization - Affiliation and successful projects to protect Gull Lake and surrounding watersheds

Support for the New Gull Lake Dam

Annual Meetings related to Topics of Interest (prior to the Covid Pandemic)
* Department of Environmental Quality's Remediation and Status of the Oil Spill on the Kalamazoo River
* Hydraulic Fracturing "Fracking"
* Dam Removal on the Kalamazoo River
* Managing Aquatic Invasive Species in our Inland Lakes
* Environmental Effects and Recovery from a Major Diluted Bitumen (Tar Sands) Oil Spill into the Kalamazoo River
* Lakeshore Protection (statewide) and Score the Shore (Gull Lake)
* Conservation Options for Landowners
* Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations ("CAFOs") - Regulations and Citizen Responses

Response to CAFOs
* Sponsored and facilitated scientific research; for example, E. coli contamination, and meetings with farmers, local and state officials, and the community in response to water quality related to CAFOs
* Support of Student High School Project - "The Effect of CAFO Proximity on Water Quality"

Training for Environmental Studies in all of the elementary schools in the four townships with sponsorship by two grants from the Kellogg Foundation totaling $100,000

Travis Drain Project - To protect cold-water trout spawning with a grant from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation and partnerships with the Kalamazoo Rivershed Water Council, Trout Unlimited, and the Road and Drain Commissions

Shoreline Management on Spring Brook Creek presentation

Kanoe the Kazoo Paddles with Educational Discussion: Lower Crooked Lake, Fair Lake, Three Lakes, Big Gilkey Lake, the Kalamazoo River, Pine Lake, Little Long Lake, Upper Crooked Lake, and Gull Lake

Other Areas of Scientific Support
* Boat Wash Stations at Prairieville Park and Upper Crooked Lake - To prevent the transportation of invasive aquatic species into our lakes
* Flooding in Upper and Lower Crooked Lake - Assistance with watershed management
* Gravel Pit Mining in Richland Township - Would affect source waters heading into Gull Lake
* PFAs Contamination in Richland Township - Affects wells - City water installed to residential properties

The Barry-Calhoun-Kalamazoo Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area project ("CISMA") - Helped to develop, and participates with, CISMA to control aquatic and terrestrial invasive species

Tours of Various Natural Areas and Properties for the public and township officials

Responses and Referrals for Assistance to Concerned Citizens on a number of topics

*** Please click the "Publications" heading on our website FTWRC.org for a listing of the many scientific research and reference materials that have been sponsored and completed on behalf of our watersheds. ***
Are the FTWRC's environmental accomplishments listed above important to you as a resident/homeowner in our four townships? *
Environmental accomplishments: Why did you answer the way you did in the question above?
If the accomplishments listed above are important to you, would you, or someone you know, be willing to offer your time to serve in some capacity on behalf of the FTWRC in order for it to continue to exist into the future?
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If you answered 'Yes' above, please provide the name, area of interest, level of participation and contact information for each person interested.
Because the FTWRC is committed to continuing to serve our watersheds into the future, please suggest ways in which young adults in our high schools and/or colleges can become actively involved with the FTWRC. For example; science projects we can sponsor, participation in our conservation activities, youth membership on the Board of Directors, etc.
Additional Comments or Questions - Please provide your contact information if you would like a response from a FTWRC representative.
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