Terms of Service
* I reserve the right to decline a commission as I see fit. Ideally, I won’t need to because hopefully any potential clients will have read through this and not ask for anything on my ‘will not draw’ list, but this disclaimer is for my own sake, should any issues arise.

* Prices as listed are for general guidelines, and the actual amount will vary according to the complexity of each piece. I’ll quote you the actual amount before starting the work so you know exactly what you’re getting into beforehand!

*I’m willing to offer payment plans for larger/more expensive pieces ($75 and up), but I will work on the piece in a corresponding manner. (No finished art before full payment, etc.)

*A Paypal invoice will be sent upon approval of the sketch. No further work will be done on the commission until the invoice is paid. If the invoice isn’t paid and the commission is cancelled, I reserve the right to reuse any in-progress shots for future work.

*Include any and all reference materials, character bios, and other information in the order form. That’s what it’s there for! If I have to make significant changes to a piece because of a lack of information on the client’s part, an extra charge may be added.

* Large changes/edits will only be available during the sketch phase, unless the error is on my part.

* Availability and amount of refund will depend on how much of the art is completed when the client requests said refund.

* I reserve the right to cancel a commission and issue a refund if your behavior sucks.

* All commissions are considered personal use, and as such I retain copyright of the image. Commercial use will require discussion. The client retains the rights to their character(s), of course, but rights to the image remain with me, the artist.

* I don’t allow reposting to other art sites, however uploading your commission to character pages/websites is allowed, with credit, and no high resolution versions of the art, or unwatermarked versions.

* Resizing/cropping for personal use is fine, but heavy edits are not. Please just ask me first, I’ll probably do it for no charge.


Extras pricing
Extra characters - Priced per character
Wings - $10
Complicated character designs (markings, details, clothing/accessories, etc. etc.) - Varies by complexity
Armor and/or mechanical designs - Varies
Weapons/props - Varies
Designing the character myself - $15 design fee (This applies if you have no existing art of the character and only have moodboards/text descriptions)

Will draw:
Anthro/furry/kemonomimi (any species)
Mythological beings
Couples (any gender)
Any body type

Might draw:
Mild gore
Plenty of other things, ask if you're unsure!

Won’t draw:
Porn (just...super not interested in drawing it for money, turns out!)
Anything derogatory or offensive (up to my discretion)
Feral/monster porn
Animal genitalia
Excessive gore/body horror/etc.
Characters using art that’s not theirs (random art from e621, etc.)

Please include your Paypal email below for invoicing!
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