2021 Maggie Award Judge Application for Librarians, Booksellers, and Industry Professionals
Your customers and patrons love romance!

Georgia Romance Writers, a chapter of Romance Writers of America, is pleased to invite current and former librarians, booksellers, and other industry professionals to judge the prestigious 2020 Maggie Awards for Excellence in Romance Writing. We appreciate each and every volunteer judge who values our authors of Romance.

Each judge will receive, on average, five (5) books - at our expense. All titles are submitted in .mobi or .pdf format and must be read electronically. You may request as many books as you can read within the scoring period. Entries will be sent to judges by April 5, 2020. Scores are due back by June 7, 2020.

To participate, simply fill out the below information and HIT SUBMIT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FORM. DO NOT REPLY TO THE EMAIL TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION. Your information will not be shared for any purpose.

Please feel free to share the Judge's Applications with your colleagues by forwarding this application. Only complete one application per judge, please.

Thank you,
Anne Lovett
GRW's 2021 Maggie Award for Excellence Chair
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Categories you are willing to Judge (please check all that apply) Note: Books will be assigned as they are received. If you choose more than one category, you may receive books for one or all categories marked. *
What is the maximum number of books you are willing to read? Note: All judges will receive a minimum of 5 books. *
I will read very hot and/or non-traditional relationships (Due to the number of books received, we aren't able to screen each book for heat and content, but we will try to gauge these matters by covers and teasers) *
The lengths of books I'm willing to read are *
Our judge's training this year is entitled "Being Purveyors of Hope: Diversity, Education, Inclusion, and Romance with Consultant Sunny Lee-Goodman" Please follow this link to listen or review the transcript: https://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/podcast/373-being-purveyors-of-hope-diversity-education-inclusion-and-romance-with-consultant-sunny-lee-goodman/ *
Judge's Pledge: By signing up to judge the Maggie Awards Contest, I accept my responsibilities to complete my judging assignment in a timely manner and reporting scores on or before the deadline. I understand that all aspects of the judging process must remain confidential, and I agree to refrain from discussing my assigned books in any forum, public or private. I will refrain from identifying myself as a Maggie judge, and I will not post a review for a book I was assigned to judge in any forum, public or private. A work shall be judged by the standards of the category in which it is entered without regard to the standards of other categories for which it may qualify. If I am unable to fulfill my judging assignment, I will contact the Maggie Contest Coordinator immediately. *
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