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Our goal is to place Cats in PERMANENT loving home. We do not adopt on a first come/first serve basis, but rather make every attempt to match the families with the right Cats. We reserve the right to decline any application. The adoption fee helps to defray the costs of spay/neutering , Microchipping, testing and vaccinations but rarely covers all expenses. Adoption fees for Kittens range from $110.00 - $125.00. Or $190.00 for a pair of Kittens. Adult Cats are 75.00. Please donate. Every Dollar Counts. http://www.e-rescue-houston.org/donations.html

Currently available kittens: http://tinyurl.com/yxz3bhs3

NEWSLETTER: http://e-rescue-houston.org/erescuecats/erescuecats-newsletter.pdf

- Please do not submit this application unless every member of your home is ready to adopt!
- You MUST be 21 years old to adopt and show photo ID showing your current address.
Name of Cat you are interested in? Why have you chose this Particular Kitten *
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Anyone in Home Suffer from Allergies? If yes, what type of allergies?
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Who will be the primary caregiver (Name and Age) *
Do You: Own, Rent or Live with a Parent *
Do you currently have pets *
If yes, please provide name, age, breed and how long you've had. **If not applicable, answer N/A** *
Where do you current pets sleep at night? **If not applicable, answer N/A** *
Where do current pets stay when you are at work or away from home? **If not applicable, answer N/A** *
If no current Pets, when is the last time you had one? What happened to the them? *
Have you ever adopted an animal from a rescue or shelter? *
Have you ever had an application rejected for adoption of an animal from a rescue or shelter? *
How do you plan on introducing new kitty to existing pets? ***If not applicable, answer N/A**** *
Are your current Pets Spayed/Neutered? **If not applicable, answer N/A** *
Have you ever given up a Pet? *
How will you handle your kitty scratching in wrong places ? *
How much do you plan to spend annually on your kitty (including food and Vet care) *
1) What kind of work do you do? 2) How many hours will Kitten be left alone? *
Where would Cat/Kitten Sleep at night *
Where would Cat/ Kitten Stay when you are at work or away from home? *
When you travel, who will care for your cat/kitten? *
How would you keep Kitty happy and healthy? *
Do current pets go outside? *
If yes, which Pets go outside? *
Do you have a pet door *
Will new cat/kitten go outside? *
How would you handle a Kitten who bites? *
What Would you do with the Cat if you have to move? *
What do you know about declawing? *
What would happen to this Cat if you can no longer take care of it or in the event of your death? *
Name and Number of Veterinarian *
Do you understand that Adopting this Cat is a 15-20 yr Commitment? *
I agree that the adoption fee is NON REFUNDABLE, even if Cat is returned to E Rescue Houston.
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I agree that will never transfer ownership of this Cat to anyone else without notifying E Rescue first. I will never relinquish this Cat to any shelter or pound (no kill or otherwise). I will Notify E Rescue if I am unable or unwilling to keep this Cat and will return to E Rescue after arrangements have been made for such return. *
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