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# 如欲協助以下工作,請將相關作品集及履歷電郵至info@voltra.org
- 活動影像紀錄 (攝影/錄像製作)
- 編輯
- 平面設計



Thanks for supporting VolTra. Please fill in the form below. We will contact you and further arrangement on the necessary duties according to your capacity and passion.

# If you would like to take the following duties, please submit the relevant portfolio and CV to info@voltra.org
- event documentary (Photographer / Video Production)
- editorial
- graphic design

* If you would like to organize Hong Kong workcamp or gathering with ex-workcampers, please submit the feasible proposal or ideas to info@voltra.org

If you have any question, please contact info@voltra.org.
I would like to take the following duties 希望加入並協助以下工作 *
Availability 可協助的時間 *
I have the following experience, profession or resources to support the duties above. 閣下對上述工作有以下相關認識、專業資格、工作經驗或可提供相關協助 *
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I have knowledge or equipment to support the duties above. 閣下懂得使用以下軟件/備有以下器材有助於上述的工作 *
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Why do you want to be VolTra's volunteer? What are your expectations? 為甚麼想成為義遊的義工?閣下對義遊有什麼期望及可作出甚麼貢獻? *
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What do you think about VolTra? (Not more than 100 words) 閣下對義遊的看法 (不多於100字) *
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What is your opinion about the value of workcamp to local community development? 閣下認為工作營對本地社區發展有何意義和價值 *
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