What is microdosing?
Microdosing people is the practice of taking very small, sub-perceptual amounts of some psychedelic substances.

Why would you wish to microdose?
Some people report health and personal benefits from microdosing.

Who are we?
We are researchers who help people who wish to microdose. We have written a protocol of how to microdose and we collect survey and other data.

We study the experiences of people who use the following substances, at the following dosage levels:
LSD – 8-15 micrograms (start with 10)
1P-LSD – 10 - 15 micrograms
Psilocybin (the refined chemical) 0.5 - 2.0 mg

Psilocybin in mushrooms (many varieties)
Dried: 0.2- 0.5 grams
Fresh: ~ 7 grams (highly variable)
Psychedelic “truffles” – 1-2 grams
Iboga – 4-6 mg.
Other psychedelic substances – 5% - 10% a normal recreational dose.

We are collecting and analyzing reports in reports on microdosing of LSD, related compounds, psilocybin (the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms), iboga and ayahuasca. By sending us information about your own self-study, you are helping us learn more about these substances and their effects on human health.

If after you have read through all these materials and still have unanswered questions, and would like to get in touch with a researcher, please email us at psychedelicsresearch@gmail.com

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