CSAYN Talanoa Dialogue: Share Your Climate Change Story with the United Nations
Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN) Talanoa Dialogue:

CSAYN invites you to share your story of how youth can be effectively engaged in efforts to address climate change and agriculture in your community. Do you see any such efforts for engagement? Can these be improved? The purpose is to share stories, build empathy, and push governments to take stronger action on climate change.

Your answers to the three Talanoa Dialogue Questions (Where are we? Where do we want to go? How do we get there?) will be collated and submitted to the United Nations ahead of the COP24 Conference in Poland. See: (https://unfccc.int/), and https://unfccc.int/topics/2018-talanoa-dialogue-platform.

The goal of the Talanoa Dialogue is to humanize local climate change impacts, and increase the pressure on governments and NGOs to increase their commitment to climate change action.

This Dialogue form will be open from October 6th to October 25th.

Adapted from the Ithaca Talanoa Dialogue.
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Talanoa Dialogue Questions:
What story can you share about climate change to humanize it for the rest of the world?
1) Where are we (with climate change impacts, adaptation or mitigation projects)? How are youth in your community affected by climate change? How engaged/aware are youth in climate action?
2) Where do we want to go (How can youth be engaged further in efforts to reduce emissions or adapt to climate change in your community/region)? What goals do you (or should you) have in your organization, community or region?
3) How do we get there? How can we achieve these goals? What success stories (or plans to overcome obstacles) of youth engagement can you share from your community?
Thank you for your contributions! Have a good day!
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