NOW Hunters Point Event Application
NOW Hunters Point is working with the Bayview Hunters Point community to transform a former industrial site into a dynamic center of activity. We'd love to hear your ideas for how you would like to bring events and programs that activate the site to the benefit of the neighborhood and San Francisco.

Please be aware that all proposed projects must:

- Be temporary
- Support the stated Project Goals
- Address the needs and desires of the local community
- Have an active community outreach component
- Require no permanent physical changes or improvements to the site
- Have physical components that are easily disassembled
- Meet the project’s local hiring requirement

Additionally, we will consider the applicant’s previous support of underserved communities, commitment to sustainability, and capacity to undertake the proposed use. Preference will be given to applicants based in Bayview Hunters Point or with strong ties to the neighborhood.

Application are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please allow 2-3 weeks for response to your proposal.

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Do you have any partners or partner organizations that would take part? If so, tell us about what they do and how they fit into your idea.
Please provide a narrative description of your organization's existing relationships within the Bayview Hunters Point community and / or a description of initial local outreach efforts. *
How will you proactively offer viable opportunities for local residents to access your program? *
How you will engage the local community? What is your community outreach strategy? *
Please demonstrate the financial capacity to carry out the proposed use, and / or show that similar initiatives have been successfully carried out in the past (e.g., a list of prior activities of similar scope to the proposed activity). *
Who is the insurance provider for the organization responsible for the event? *
Is your organization able to add PG&E as additionally insured for this event? *
Please share the biographies or resumes of key management personnel. *
Does your company have a written non-discrimination policy?
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*Optional* Provide a letter of support from a community member or organization, including contact information. Additional letters are recommended. Please note that the Selection Committee may contact these individuals or organizations.
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