2019 Soccer Camp Registration
If you plan on registering more than one child, first of all... GREAT!
Secondly, we ask that you fill out ONE FORM PER CHILD. It helps us keep everyone and everything organized. Also, a discount for families with multiple children is available. If we can help with this, please contact the office. We want to do what we can to remove any obstacles that might keep your child from participating.

Once this registration is completed you will receive a confirmation. The only other form will be a release that will need to be signed in person the day of arrival. Thank you!

Which location are you registering for? *
This year we will be hosting our camp in two locations.
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Are there any allergies that we should be aware of? *
Since we are providing a snack, we need to know about any allergies that may affect your child.
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These are the people you authorize to check out your child from soccer camp. They must provide a photo ID.
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