Developing AEM Sites Faster and More Efficiently (AEM FullStack Developer) Online Training

I am excited to announce the launch of my new course on Developing AEM Sites Faster and More Efficiently (AEM FullStack Developer) Online Training. This program is designed to help developers improve their skills and increase their productivity by learning time-saving techniques and best practices in the production of code.

As you are going through this course, you will be added in the online chat, which I will actively ask questions whenever you are stuck, participants will have the opportunity to follow along with my lessons and ask questions to receive real-time feedback, helping to accelerate their learning process. As a technical lead for over 4 years, I got you handled; 15 years of Website Engineering, and 10 years of AEM Experience, running a tutorial blog, giving back to the community (

This course is ideal for Junior and Intermediate AEM FullStack Developers looking to level up their development skills and build faster and more effective AEM implementations.

Learn about the AEM Bibles, how to mimic yourself with the Pros, and be as efficient as possible; these bibles are created by Adobe themselves!!!

Online Training Session Mentor
Training Course URL: To be Determined

Included Full Courses:
AEM Development with Chat GPT 3.5 and 4.0
- 2024 AEM Developing Faster and More Efficiently

This is hands-on session, it’s not an AEM fundamentals course. I will be sharing my knowledge and answering your questions in the online chat portal. The only pre-requirement for this session is that you have some experience with developing solutions for the AEM platform as a FullStack AEM Developer, recommended 1+ years of AEM development.


Table of Contents:

1. Full Stack Development Environment Setup
2. Effective Frontend Developer
3. Effective Backend Developer
4. Navigate Fast - AEM Chrome Extension
5. Viewing Errors from AEM Website
6. Backend AEM Backend Error Logs
7. AEM Developer Tools - Most Popular
8. Effective Version Control with Git that will pose you as a efficient AEM Developer
9. Pull Request Guidelines
10. Things to Do Before Developing
11. Reduce Feedback Loop
12. Now Put It All Together
13. Tips on Code Quality
14. Quick Turnaround Tricks Code Fast
15. The AEM Bible and Super Charged AEM Documentation
16. Bonus
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I am aware that this is a paid course, and that the Brian will send me an invitation email with "all the course details" when the course is ready. At that point, I will have the full control wether to "accept" or "ignore" the email invitation. I understand that this course will be a self paced online training course.

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