Nutrition Check Sheet
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What are you interested in? (multiple answers allowed)
When do you brush your teeth?(multiple answers allowed)
How long does it take when you brush your teeth?
Do you use cleaning devices except toothbrush?
Do you have any diagnosed disease?(multiple answers allowed)
How many kinds of medicine do you take?
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Which supplements do you take if you do?(multiple answers allowed)
Do you smoke?
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To smokers, How often do you smoke a week?
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How long do you sleep usually?
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How many times do you eat in a day?
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About Appetite(multiple answers allowed)
I eat very often...(multiple answers allowed)
How much do you take some Water?
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What kind of drinks do you take often?(multiple answers allowed)
What kind of food do you take often?(multiple answers allowed) *
Do you drink alcohol? *
How often do you take alcohol a week?
How often do you take some sweets a day? *
When do you feel like taking some sweets a day?(multiple answers allowed) *
How often do you take some fruits a day? *
Kindly pick out relevant parts of your mouth condition.(multiple answers allowed)
Kindly pick out of clench and grind your teeth.(multiple answers allowed)
Please tell me about you.(multiple answers allowed)
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