Weekly Flower subscription
The flowers will come from local farmers in the area, so it's all seasonal production and not all colors are available. It's part of the surprise of the week!
The flowers will be cut, cleaned, conditioned, loosely arranged, and wrapped in paper (no vase), delivered contactless.
Recut the stems, rearrange, play, and enjoy!

Two subscriptions: weekly or bi-monthly
Three size bouquets: small ($35) or medium ($60) or large ($80)
We'll add NYS sales tax - and delivery if you're not picking up form the UES studio's doorman at 445 east 80th street.

We'll publish a monthly update of the varieties of flowers coming up. This month's list is below.

Oh, and we all work with masks and gloves, all the time.

Any questions? 917 892 6223 or info@agnesdevillarson.com
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Flowers for May
Upcoming: tulips, lily of the valley (c'est a dire du muguet), local peonies, lilac. If you want to go crazy, I can get Holland Hydrangea, Kenyan roses, Israeli Lisianthus, italian peonies...anything with a week notice ;)
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Any specific requests? We'll try our best to accommodate. Otherwise, it's a mix bouquet, the surprise of the week, the market choice - elegant still, always. But you can say "no reds!" or something like that.
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