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Thank you for your interest in being a guest on Speak up Sis! Podcast. Please complete the form in its entirety. All submissions will be reviewed and kept on file.

We are always looking for people, organizations and businesses who have awe-inspiring stories to share that will inspire the stories of others.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions received, we will not be able to have everyone who submits a request to be a guest on Speak up Sis! Podcast.

If you are selected to be a guest, you understand and agree to the following:

1. As a guest of Speak up Sis! Podcast, you consent to the audio and video recording of your voice, name and image as part of your appearance on the podcast.
2. You agree to share your episode across your social media platforms.
3. You agree to subscribe to www.SpeakupSis.com and follow Speak up Sis Podcast social media platforms:
FB - www.Facebook.com/speakupsispodcast
IG - www.Instagram.com/speakupsispodcast
Twitter - www.Twitter.com/speakupsis
4. As Speak up Sis Podcast is independently funded, we ask our guests for a $15 sponsorship which will include up to a 30 second advertisement of your business/platform. (You must provide copy for advertisement.)

NOTE: Angel Charmaine uses StreamYard, Zoom and/or Anchor to record interviews.
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