IxDA SF Community Survey
We would be thrilled with as much or as little input from you as you have time and are willing to give. Any questions answered will be helpful for us to get to know you better.

We'll be sharing out the results (in anonymized aggregate form) with the IxDA community, so your input will help create better survey results!

Thanks so much for your time, we much appreciate it!

Let's start with the basics...
The questions in this section give us a broad understanding of you, your background, and your professional profile.
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What is your educational background?
What did you study, or what kind of training did you do?
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If you had to choose one professional field to describe yourself...
What's your seniority?
Please select your job seniority (as it's listed in your job title, or the closest description of it)
What's your current employment status?
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Size of employer / company (if applicable)
How many years of design-related work experience do you have?
What domain or problem/opportunity space are you currently focusing on?
E.g. "I design marketing tools for enterprise customers", or "I research autonomous car drivers' experience", or "I make UI screens for eCommerce apps" - whatever describes your actual work focus best.
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