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They Call Me Gomer...
NA Urban Christain Fiction

"Dear Diary, On September 3, 1982, two things happened that I'll never forget: I acquired an older sister, and I fell in real love. But tell me, what does an eight-year-old know about love?"

For nearly a decade, Hosea Felix and Gomer Williams were inseparable. She loved him from the moment she laid eyes on him. Their friendship was iron-clad until temptation rocked Gomer to her core. Somewhere along the way, she fell for another guy and traded young love for instant pleasure. Not only is Jeri Cole fine—he is a bonafide gangsta, unattainable, and off-limits. Jeri was all Gomer could think about, and the only thing she thought she wanted. Despite her big sister already laying claim to him, not much could stop Gomer from clawing at the possibility of love and diva status. Getting with Jeri felt right...but at what cost?

Gomer never backed down. She is the original bad girl—ratchet, bougie, and insatiable. Feel like you wanna dislike her? Well, get in line.

They Call me Gomer… JC Miller's sophomore spin-off novel enthralls readers with a deeply woven, emotionally heart-tugging take on the Book of Hosea. By examining rape culture, drug addiction, family secrets, and the vulnerabilities of young Black girls in pursuit of fortune and fame, this contemporary tale gives those in search of a good dra-mance all the feelings!

She will chase after her lovers but not catch them; she will look for them but not find them. Then she will say, "I will go back to my husband as at first, for then I was better off than now. Hosea 2:7
Sleeping with Shadows
Dark Paranormal Romance

Once The King of Nightmares, Ashe lost everything when he was betrayed. Released from prison, he's got one goal: Stay Free. To make that happen he'll have to rescue the girl who stole his crown while saving the court he'd rather see burn. But he can't do it alone. He needs Callie.
Abused, neglected, and finally shunned by The Court of Light, Callie is done with court politics. It's just too damned bad Ashe doesn't care. He's arrogant, manipulative, and dangerous. Everything she's been taught to fear. It would be so easy to hate him, but the sadness in his gaze calls to her heart, and his touch awakens her own darkness. She has never wanted anyone more.
Callie is Ashe's darkest desire, but to earn his freedom and prevent the destruction of humanity, she must embrace the destiny that will keep them apart. But is the safety of the world worth losing the kind of love he's only dreamed of?
Orange Blossoms, Love Blossoms
Contemporary Romance

Strong-willed Elaine Hart is determined to save Hartland Orchards, her family’s’ California orange groves from being taken over by the bank. After the recent ending of a turbulent relationship, she vows to keep her professional and personal life separate, even though she’s attracted to David Cole, the one man who holds her family’s fate in the palm of his hands.

Serious-minded banker, David Cole, recovering from recent love and work fiascos has one goal and that’s ensuring that the delinquent Hartland Ranch account is brought up to date and not becoming personally involved with the unpredictable and beautiful Elaine Cole.

When a series of circumstances brings Elaine and David together, they must decide if they will continue to suppress their emotions or succumb to passion and take a chance on a forever love.
Marybeth, Hollister and Jane
Woman’s Fiction, Cozy Mystery

A lust for beauty, a secret just waiting to be told and a diamond as seductive as the people around it. In the end, just who gets what?
Conversations with the Past
Non Fiction / Self-help

There are no accidents in this life—and the more aware we become, the more we’re able discover the patterns that challenge, elevate, and enlighten us. In "Conversations with the Past," Dr. Aura Imbarus delves into many of the profound experiences she’s had over the years—from emotional breakdowns to spiritually elevated states—in order to help people discover and understand their own purpose in life. Through this exploration, we will all be inspired to examine our own lives and take the necessary steps to enhance our happiness and well-being.

Emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences are all part of the intricate, interwoven tapestry of existence. And though it may sometimes feel like finding our life’s purpose is difficult and elusive, Dr. Imbarus demonstrates how it can, and will, be revealed to the curious mind and willing hear.
A Mistake Incomplete
Fiction, Noir

An incompetent thief makes another attempt at burglary. A hopeless bartender struggles to manage her last patron. The pair reluctantly work together to figure out why a man they presumed dead may have returned, while a lonely tourist inadvertently gets in the way.
18 Things College Students Need to Know
Non Fiction / College Guide

College—it’s the first time most young adults move away from home. Suddenly, there is freedom like they’ve never encountered before—no parents, no school bells, no rules. There is no rulebook for starting college, and, unfortunately for most students, it can be a difficult and even shocking transition.

Renée Bailey knows firsthand how difficult the transition from high school and college can be. Going into her first year, she, like many others, thought she was prepared for the challenges and the freedom that awaited her. Looking back, there are so many things she wishes she had known. Renée wants students to know that they are not alone. 18 Things College Students Should Know provides rising college freshman with the tools, support, and the confidence they need to navigate a successful first year academically, socially, and mentally.
Healthy Habits for a Healthier You
Health, nutrition, holistic health, smoothies, research, gut health, Flavonoid Superfood, and more...
Date Published: Sept 1st 2020
Publisher: Master Kuthumi Consulting (Imprint Serapis Bey Publishing)

This book is a detailed account of the research on gut health and the benefits of healthy eating. The book describes 21 smoothies along with a new superfood Flavonoid additive that will help people with health benefits. Holistic living in total.
13 Steps to the Cellar
Date Published: 8/19/2020

Thirteen Steps to the Cellar. They were steep; they were narrow—but was a fall down them enough to have caused the twenty-seven deep lacerations to her aunt’s head?

Callie Harris travels from her home in Alabama to her aunt’s former mansion in Maine to unravel the haunting forty-year-old mystery of Dr. Laverne Harris Doss’ brutal death.

Why wasn’t a murder weapon found? Was her uncle justly convicted of the killing? Was his mistress involved? Or was the murderer the bearded stranger rumored to have arrived by train that night?

In the charming town of Richmond, located on the banks of Maine’s historic Kennebec River, Callie uncovers the community’s darkest secrets—a botched police investigation, a betrayed widow’s lie, a dead woman’s blackmail, and a wealthy philanthropist’s shame. The web of intrigue extends far beyond her suspicions and its connection to her personal story pierces Callie to her core.
The Cold War Begins
Second Volume of the Berlin Tunnel Trilogy
Historical Fiction
Date Published: September 8, 2020

From Amazon bestsellers list author Roger L. Liles comes the second volume of his Cold War trilogy—THE COLD WAR BEGINS. The setting is war-ravaged Berlin in late 1946. Spies from both sides begin to move with relative ease throughout a Germany occupied by British, French, American and Russian military forces. Kurt Altschuler, our hero, soon becomes one of them.

While working behind enemy lines as an OSS agent in France during World War II, Kurt learns that intelligence collection involves both exhilarating and dangerous encounters with the enemy. He relished every moment he spent as part of the vanguard confronting the Nazis.

That war has been over for 18 months when he is offered a job as a CIA deep-cover agent in the devastated and divided city of Berlin. He jumps at the opportunity, but is concerned that his guise as an Associated Press News Agency reporter will offer little action. He need not worry. Soon, he is working undercover, deep inside of Russian-controlled southeastern Germany. Eventually, KGB agents waylay him and tear his car and luggage apart. His chauffeur is beaten. He is threatened with prison, torture and death.

Enter Erica Hoffmann, a very attractive, aspiring East German archeology student. Any relationship between an undercover CIA agent and an East German woman is strictly forbidden; she might be a KGB or Stasi agent or operative. But he cannot help himself—he has fallen hard for her. Kurt strives assiduously to maintain their tempestuous, star-crossed relationship.

Eventually, Kurt works to counter the efforts of Russian and East German spies, especially a mole who is devastating Western Intelligence assets throughout Europe. He also must work to identify and expose enemy spies who have penetrated the very fabric of the West German government and society. He frequently observes to others that: “the spy business is like knife fighting in a dark closet; you know you’re going to be cut up, you just don’t know how bad.”
A Whirl With My Mocha-Chocolate Swirl
Contemporary Romance

Date Published: September 9, 2020

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Rebecca Layton returns to her beachside hometown of Sunnyville, California, determined to explore the possibility of rekindling her past relationship with the love of her life, Raymond Colton. She's devastated to discover that he has moved on and is now engaged.

Raymond Colton harbors resentment towards Rebecca for abandoning him to pursue her dreams of life in the big city. Now she's back and more beautiful than ever. But Raymond's heart has been broken more than once and risking more heartache with Rebecca isn't a gamble he's willing to take.

When Rebecca agrees to use her marketing expertise to help Raymond's father salvage his failing family business--Colton's Ice Creamery--she and Raymond are thrown together, and old flames are ignited. Can they heal the wounds from their past and embrace the possibility of a brighter tomorrow?
Harvest the Light

Tom Rubens relates a young man's enlightenment and intellectual growth in 1960-70's England. These are the formative experiences of a fictitious young man, Richard Lane, and his personal philosophical development around modern Western society. Not being from a socially privileged background - Richard is a stranger to a broad education and culture, yet his advancement carries with it exhilaration and challenge, excitement and uncertainty.

The mid-late 20th Century time-span and location provides a backdrop to events that sees a widening of educational, social and occupational opportunities - a perfect scenario in which to place Richard's intellectual growth. British society's age-old inequalities and prejudices still endured - and yet the colourful 'Spirit of the Age' permitted the breaking of traditional taboos, allowing an extraordinary society enlightenment - as for many young people in the West at the time.

Although primarily set in England, Richard travels through Europe - firstly, Germany while a student, and on to Portugal and Italy as an English Language teacher. This, for the time, novel international dimension encourages Richard's interest in global thought and culture - and places into context the variety of personal development opportunities provided by his home country. Had Richard been born in England into his original social class before the 1930's, he recognises that his intellectual growth would have been severely impaired. He sees that is not alone - foreign travel broadens his view of the similarities to his European counterparts.

The Illumination Trilogy's emphasis on the enlargement of knowledge and comprehension inevitably explores not only Richard's general societal and educational experiences, but also his own development of a number of philosophical ideas.

As his reading list expands, his intellectual concepts capture his attention most. In relating himself to his complex intellectual inheritance, he applies them to his own personal situation and to the most sensitive, difficult areas of his private life. Richard is left courageously, but also uncertainly, moving in new directions. Nevertheless, he continues to place intense philosophical value on personal relationships - as he has in the past - and to new ones in the future, but we see that his other commitments acquire a real value.
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