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Love, Alchemy

Daveigh Little is preparing for college, planning to leave behind the tiny hick town she’s spent her entire life in once and for all. But plagued by troubles at home and school, Daveigh makes a series of bad choices that land her in hot water with a local kingpin. Suddenly, people around her are dying and Daveigh finds herself on the run.

And then there’s Ethan. Fresh out of the academy, Ethan Remington represents the authority Daveigh has come to despise, but she is inexplicably drawn to the handsome rookie of few words. From the first moment she laid eyes on him, Daveigh knew Ethan was different. She just didn’t realize how different. Reasons of his own have led Ethan into the tangled strands of danger within the town of Harpey…but those reasons aren’t nearly as mysterious as Ethan’s origins or the irresistible passion between them.

Love, Immortal

The Alchemy Initiative—a doomed scientist’s failed attempt to harvest human souls from the afterlife and bind them to complex machines—has been reinitiated. But it doesn’t take long to discover why the program responsible for making Ethan Remington the ultimate weapon was shut down when the spirit of the highly unstable and murderous Agent Drekker goes rogue, embarking on a sinister rampage in an attempt to claim the ultimate prize. That prize is Ethan—everything that Ethan has and everyone who he loves. No one is safe, especially young Hogan who has begun to display some frightening and incredible abilities. To stop this insatiable evil, Ethan may have to forfeit his humanity…and even his soul.

Malevolent Sadness
Urban Fantasy
Date Published: June 2017 (Second edition – April 2018)

***Contains Graphic Violence/Adult Content***

Can a detective save a prophet from a monster?

Harry is an Army veteran who survived a childhood tragedy and tough years in foster care. Today, he’s a pragmatic and no-nonsense Homicide detective investigating the Victor Adamson kidnapping. As he digs for leads, Harry realizes he’s in the middle of a dark conspiracy, and his life is in jeopardy. His only option is to save Victor. But to do that, he must embrace the supernatural. He has to believe monsters are real. If he doesn’t, then both he and Victor may die.

Victimly Insane
True Crime Interview
Published: September 2017
Publisher: Freebird Publishing

In this book length interview an innocent Frank Atwood reveals from Death Row what the public and jurors have never heard and what the lynch mob media never wanted to print: how this sweet, rosy-cheeked, silver-spooned teen who went by Frankie J. arrived at perversity and at the crossroads of victim and victimizer.

The Storyteller's Throne
New Adult Sci-Fi
Date Published: May 14, 2018

A science Fiction novel tangled in the psychology of being human and the vulnerability of an unconventional Love story

Grace was born a storyteller with a beautifully brilliant mind. Trauma twisted her reality into its own tale of darkness. Now, at eighteen, Grace has found herself on the shores of a shadow world created to heal a generation. A world whose purpose is to release our emotions from the bonds of youth.
But she is not alone. It's a world inhabited by others, those working on their own hearts and one other like herself. An amazing and yet afflicted empath and musician by the name of Kai that Grace feels inexplicably drawn to.
Will she be able to handle the suppressed memories of her youth? Accept the vulnerability necessary to explore her own heart and that of another? Fulfill the true purpose it seems she is destined to serve?
Come along with Grace as she learns to uncover her past, harness her gift, open her heart to love and embrace her future.

Death in Vermilion

“There was no glance more cutting or cruel.”
Those eyes belong to artist Leila Goodfriend, momentarily distracted from laying down the bones of a painting by Iris McNeil Thorton, the noisy, unlikeable artist in the studio upstairs. When it turns out the thuds were Iris' dead body hitting the floor, Leila becomes obsessed: who murdered Iris?
The other Red Barn Cooperative artists—competitive, jealous and hypocritical—are all prime suspects. They all hated Iris. “An artist owes his life to his art,” Iris said. Iris was good for a laugh.
But no one is laughing now.

The Sweet Life
Contemporary Romance (with erotica)
Published Date: April 3, 2018
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Mitch Johnson, the tall, hot-tempered, brown-eyed cowboy with the potential to bring my career crashing down around me. He’s a distraction I can’t afford—and a temptation I can’t ignore.
Full Book Description
My job is everything to me, and climbing the corporate ladder is my one and only goal. Now that I’ve landed an important account for a popular dude ranch, I’m more determined than ever. There’s just one problem I didn’t count on…Mitch Johnson, the tall, hot-tempered, brown-eyed cowboy with the potential to bring my career crashing down around me. He’s a distraction I can’t afford—and a temptation I can’t ignore. But the real kicker? He also happens to be the ranch owner’s son, which means I’m about to saddle up more problems than I can handle.

Red Rider
Date Published: April 1 2018

A grieving father – known to the reader only as Teacher – takes on a new identity after the brutal murder of his teenaged son. Masquerading as a substitute teacher, he tracks down the killer – a high school senior – and methodically builds a web to entrap him. Teacher does not desire simple justice or death for the killer; he wants the killer to endure what his son endured. But Teacher’s plan takes a life-shattering turn when he must save his son’s former girlfriend from the clutches of the brutal MS-13 gang.

A taut, suspenseful thriller, Red Rider explores the depths of revenge and the strength of human bonds.

Binding Law
Erotica / Romance

A gigolo and a lawyer are convinced their marriage of convenience doesn’t have to lead to love in this third and final standalone novel of Micah Persell’s spicy romance series.

Charlotte Moore should be on the short list to make partner at her family law firm. But rumors fly around the firm that her single status and business side distance her clients. So she invents a fiancé on the spot to appear more personable and now has to make her fantasy man a reality, or she’ll go from being branded an odd misfit to an outright liar, and she can kiss her hopes of making partner goodbye.

Ryker Martinez is gung-ho on the concept of a spouse and kids. Even though he’s a gigolo, he longs to be a family man—as long as he can keep emotion out of the marriage bed. When his beautiful new client, Charlotte, hires him to fake date her and then proposes a marriage of convenience for a huge payday, Ryker leaps at the once-in-a-lifetime arrangement. Yet, even as he signs on the dotted line, he recognizes his growing feelings for this woman are not exactly convenient for his plans to stay detached and safe.

As their emotions deepen, will Ryker and Charlotte be willing to give up what they think they want for what could make them truly happy?

Sensuality Level: Spicy

Moon Blood
Vampire Fiction, Paranormal Fiction, Shifter Fiction
Date Published: 5/1/2018
Publisher: Troll River Publications

Attacked by the werewolf nation, sworn vampire enemies, Kane and Moon are thrown into turmoil to defend themselves and those they love. With a stalking shifter network out to destroy them, every battle could be their last.

Traveling from Nova Scotia to Kane’s Italian Tuscany estate, they stand ground against their enemies. As they prepare to fight, a mysterious female attracts Kane. Who is she? Could she have ulterior motives? As Kane and Moon unravel the threat she poses, they realize the real reason behind the werewolves’ plot against them. Not a cookie cutter version of this genre, the mystery stays alive as McKibben once again raises the level of paranormal, narrated by a hybrid wolf. The result it a battle of strength, power, and ultimately, love.

Rebuilding Alden
Christian Fiction

With a zero-tolerance policy for those in authority, 13-year-old Alden Wamboldt is setting himself up for a life behind bars. His actions are derived from two things — anger and power. He gets his thrills from antagonizing those who should have the rule over him. Well, that, and making his peers hate the day they were born.

But Alden is in for a huge surprise when he meets probation officer Philip Bones, a man whose motto is to “make no bones about it.” When it seems everyone else has given up all hope on Alden’s improving, Philip Bones steps up to the plate. He is bound and determined to rescue the young man from self-destruction, but if he can do it, it will go down in history as a miracle.

Echoes of the Past
Military Sci Fi

A republic under attack. A reluctant soldier. An all-out fight for the galaxy’s soul.

David Cohen prays he’ll live to see the other side of his first deployment. His people thought they had left war behind when they fled Earth centuries ago. Time, though, has not dulled the hatred and intolerance of their erstwhile oppressors. To defend his homeland’s freedom, David abandons his dream of becoming a rabbi for the battlefield… and discovers a side of himself he is not sure he can live with.

David's focus is clear when the bullets are flying. In the long hours after, he must reckon with the toll that blood and blame bring upon his mind. Can he square the tenets of his faith against his responsibility to crew and country? Nothing has prepared him to make decisions that could cause ruin or an end to generations of conflict... except for trust in God, himself, and those who serve under him.

If David Cohen survives it all, who will he be?

Hard Work
Romance / Erotica

Meet the gigolos of Sin City: three fun-loving studs who are deadly serious about pleasuring their clients and protecting their hearts.

Victoria Hastings is poised at the edge of the promotion that will change her life and put her at the top at Precision Media Services. All she needs is to snag one more premier advertising client, and her successful future is in the bag. The only person who stands in her way is Georgiana, the top agent at an opposing firm.

Kipling “My Last Name Is the Only Thing Not for Sale” loves his job as a gigolo, but he also understands that this good run on fortune can’t last forever. He’s raising serious cash to start his own business—he’s not sure exactly what that will be, but it won’t conform with the Madison Avenue-style track his parents would appreciate.

When a business deal between them turns to more pleasure than either could have imagined, Victoria and Kip find themselves caught between living for now and positioning for the future—a future one of them will have to sacrifice to give love a chance.

Sensuality Level: Spicy

Stiff Competition
Romance / Erotica

Exploring the boundaries between friendship and lovers, secrets and ethics, this second book in the Sin City Gigolos trilogy delivers steamy satisfaction.

As a gigolo, Gage Adams has the perfect life: he gets all the sex he needs without caring about or committing to anyone or anything. When he meets his condo neighbor, Cassidy Hastings, and they instantly spark, he soon realizes she may be the perfect woman for him: wanting no commitment and offering no judgments. Their carefully crafted friends-with-benefits plan is foolproof—as long as they stay between those lines.

Cassidy’s busy competing to write her company’s next hit video game, a challenge she’s determined to win with an industry-defying kickass female-fronted storyline. If she fails, her boss will show her and her unorthodox ideas to the door. Funny thing, though, the more she hangs out with Gage, the more that details about his gigolo career seep into her project.

As the lines between friendship and love, right and wrong, blur on the road of ambition, Cassidy and Gage begin spinning out of control. Which lines will they choose to cross, and can their relationship survive the inevitable crash?

Sensuality Level: Spicy

The Ancient Tripod of Peace
Young Adult Mystery

"Plagued by loneliness, vegan Lexi hopes to make like-minded friends in high school. But, her dad’s job is jeopardized when relics are stolen from his museum, changing her priorities. And she wonders why her new teachers dislike her.

His dad in jail and family finances in shambles, cipher enthusiast Gil hopes freshman year will provide a clean slate. But, concealing a personal matter of his own, he discovers secret codes within a Shakespearean play during a class project while paired with Lexi. Finding the code embroils them in a mystery with family already involved.

The two teen sleuths join forces during the burglary investigation within their Lake Erie Islands community. Family hidden histories are revealed as secret societies clash near an island aviary housing majestic birds. Factions fight over a powerful relic, the stolen Tripod of Peace.

Though her teachers’ disdain is founded on happenings before she was born, Lexi holds an age-old key they will attack her for. Gil’s quick thinking may not be enough to keep the teen duo safe. What chance can young adult sleuths have when an instrument of astounding power is in criminal hands and can be used against them?"

Raiden Out the Storm
Dystopian / Sci-Fi / Post-Apocalyptic Romance

In the harsh reality of the post-apocalyptic frozen tundra, Raiden fights his growing attraction for Ashley Winsor and her handsome shadow, Stone.

Moving closer to separation the threesome navigate a world filled with angry harvesters, subterranean trains, and hungry polar bears. Through this steamy dystopian trek, Raiden discovers that these two people may be the only thing he loves on this ice bound Earth.

Once they arrive at headquarters a decision will be made… Is Raiden the man who will destroy their fragile relationship, or is he the harvester Ash and Stone need to love?

In the Domain of Happiness and Sorrow
Historical Fiction

Exalted humans from an unknown origin descend to the human domain of happiness and sorrow where they become the Gods of our collective memory. There, they engineer a superior humanoid race. Daya, a humanoid, and the God, Quay, are companions since childhood. As adults, they become intimate lovers. War among the humanoids and a geologic cataclysm on the Isle of the Gods cause the lovers to become separated in the mayhem.

Fearful humanoids will exceed the limits assumed for them; the Gods secretly plan to cull them. In a heroic rebellion, Daya impedes the grand experiment of the Gods and alters human evolution forever.

And I Will Lead the Revolt
Thriller / Dystopian

Seth Sloane is a career man. Rising through the ranks of the Military Police, he excels where others settle for a paycheck. The only thing stronger than his loyalty to the Directorate is his fiery protectiveness of his wife and child. But when societal unrest hits too close to home, Seth begins to question his commitment to a government bent on controlling its citizens at any cost.

Book two in the Split series.

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