Graduate Protege Sign Up Fall 2021
Thank you for showing an interest in GradSWE's Mentoring Program!

The GradSWE mentoring program serves as an avenue for graduate women in SWE to network with a formal mentor. Proteges and mentors both submit interest forms and are matched based on their responses.

Roles and expectations of the mentoring program are agreed upon between mentors and proteges. At minimum, it is expected that both parties will be respectful with each other's availability. The mentoring coordinators provide monthly topics of interest periodically to facilitate conversations between the mentor and mentee, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the mentee to start the conversations. There is no requirement from GradSWE with regard to extraordinary efforts or monetary investments to make the mentoring relationship successful. By signing up for the program we are expecting for you to reply to us and contact your match(es) in a timely fashion.

Graduate Protege Eligibility:
Proteges must be enrolled in graduate school when they apply to the program.
Proteges must demonstrate drive for personal development.
Proteges must be in good standing with SWE.

GradSWE Mentoring Program Definitions
Mentor: Professionals
Protege: Grad Students
Mentee: Undergraduates

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The matching process:
After enrollment closes, all graduate proteges who signed up will be given an anonymous list of potential mentors. Graduate proteges will then be required to fill out a preference form to indicate which of the mentors they would prefer to be matched with. Using the preference form and the questions answered below, the mentoring team will match proteges with a mentor that most closely aligns with their interests and needs. Mentoring pairs will not be rematched except in extenuating circumstances.
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