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Return Terms and Conditions
New Boost Mobile Handsets purchased from DCI are eligible for return based on the following criteria:
Return must be within 7 days of customer activation.
Return must be within 60 days of dealer purchase date.
Product must be returned complete without damage or abuse. All items included in the original package must be returned.
Unlocked Devices and GenMobile Products are non-refundable. Defective returns may be approved within 30 days of dealer purchase date.
Xfinity Prepaid Kits are non-refundable. Defective exchanges may be approved within 30 days of customer purchase date.

Return Reasons:
ACTIVATED -  DEFECTIVE DEVICE: Device added to an account through the Portal or through Care. These are devices that experience operational issues within the first 7 days such as powering down, blank screen, etc. An actual manufacturer defective issue with the device must be present.
ACTIVATED - NON-DEFECTIVE DEVICE: These are non-defective devices returned/exchanged within the first 7 days following activation due to the customer changing their mind.
PREVIOUSLY ACTIVATED - NOT ACTIVATED BY YOU: If a New phone prompts for a re-activation fee at the time of activation and was not previously activated by your store, the phone should not be activated and a request to reset the activation should be submitted. An RA# will not be provided but the IMEI will be submitted to be reset so that you can sell the device as new.
COULD NOT ACTIVATE - DEFECTIVE DEVICE: No Activation. This type of device cannot be activated due to an actual manufacturer defect issue such as no power. If no manufacturer defect issue is present and it is an issue with the Portal or Activation, please select the Option Below.
COULD NOT ACTIVATE - PORTAL OR OTHER ISSUE (NON-DEFECTIVE DEVICE): No manufacturer defect on device, however, unable to activate due to other issues such as Portal errors. These will be submitted as an Exception and may take a little longer to receive an RA#.

For Boost Mobile Products: Check the MSN Lookup Tool on the Boost Mobile Sales Portal to verify eligibility based on the activation date.
For Xfinity Products: No Returns/Defective Exchange Only. Call the Xfinity Dealer Hotline to have Comcast send a replacement unit directly to the customer. You may swap out the device in store and request an RA with DCI if needed.
*     Cox Straight Up Internet products are non-refundable. All issues should be handled through Cox Customer Service.
*     All Sim Cards are non-refundable.
If within eligibility parameters, submit the Return Authorization request online via the DCI RA# Request Form which can be found at DCIRMA.com to receive a Return Authorization (RA) #. The RA# request must be submitted within 14 days of the deactivation of the device.
Return the device with a printed copy of the approved RA email to DCI. The return device must be received with an approved RA# by DCI within 14 days of the initial RA# approval.
It is the Retailer’s responsibility to ship the device to DCI in a timely manner.
Units returned after the 14 days of the RA# approval, or units received without an RA#, will be automatically shipped back to the Retailer with up to a $20 per device return fee.
Retailer may not return any devices that have been abused by Retailer or the Customer. Examples of abuse include (and are not limited to) physical damage such as: cracked screen, worn/missing keypad, missing/stripped screws, corroded/broken connector, water damaged, illegible/missing serial numbers and unauthorized alteration or programming. Devices returned that are deemed abused will NOT receive credit.

Please allow up to 10 business days to process all RA receipts and credits. Receipt of a RA number is not an approval. If the return meets all of the requirements, DCI will issue an account credit to the original Retailer that purchased the equipment, for each properly returned device in the amount of the current selling price, less any price protection and/or device margin spiffs previously credited to the serial number being returned. Units returned incomplete may be charged for missing items as specified below:
Missing/Damaged Battery $20.00
Missing/Damaged Charger or SIM $5.00
Incomplete, Incorrect or Missing RA# Will be automatically shipped back to retailer with a $20 Fee
New, unsold equipment, deemed as stock balancing** Stock Balancing is a unique situation that will require an exception. If approved, a $25 re-stocking fee per device applies.

*All fees will be invoiced and automatically debited from your account on file, on the following business day.

**Devices suspected of fraud or stock balancing may be investigated and are subject to chargeback.

Please send approved returns to:
4200 W. Victoria St.
Chicago, IL 60646
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