The Bristol Men's Walk 2019
Saturday 16 March 2019
Q1. Did you enjoy the Men's Walk on Saturday? *
Q 2. What did you think of the venue? *
5 - Great
1- Terrible
Bar offering?
Rugby screening?
Q3. Please give us any other feed back you might have about the venue
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Q4. Did you enjoy the route *
Q5. What would you change, if anything, about the route?
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Q6. Is the route the right distance? *
Q7. Do you think the current timing of the event works well? *
If not, please let us know why?
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Q8. The concept of the event includes the walk followed by a pie, a pint and the rugby. Do you think this works well? *
Q9. What was your favourite part of the day?
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Q10. What do you think we need to change or improve?
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Q11. Were you happy to pay the £18 registration fee? *
Q12. Did you feel the event was well organised? *
Not very organised
Very organised
Q13. Did you receive all of the information you needed about the event in the pre-event communication? *
Q14. Would you take part in the Bristol Men's Walk again next year? *
Q15. What can we do to make the event better next year?
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