GSO Senator Form
Please check whether or not your name is in the GSO Senators list before you proceed with the form:

This form can be used to:

- Confirm your role (as indicated in the GSO Senators list)
- Inform us of a change in representation of your program (new/change in APS role)
- Add yourself as an Academic Program Senator (You MUST confirm with your colleagues in your program first.)
- Add an alternate Academic Program Senator (to represent your program in your absence.) Please note that if you miss two consecutive meetings, you will be removed from the list.

There can only be one APS from each degree-granting program. Please check the senator list at the link above to see if your program is already represented. If it there is a change in representation, please contact the VP of Internal Affairs without filling out this form.

What does an Academic Program Senator (APS) do?
An APS represents the graduate students in his/her program in the GSO Senate. We expect graduate students in each degree-granting program across the University to elect or designate a representative graduate student to serve as APS in the GSO Senate. An APS can have a pre-designated alternate (graduate student) to attend a GSO Senate meeting that he/she cannot attend (no more than 2 consecutive meetings shall be missed.)

Please contact VP Internal Affairs ( for any questions or concerns.

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