Curbside Market Host Site Application
If you are interested in hosting the Curbside Market at your site on a regular basis, please fill out the following form. Curbside Market staff will be in touch within a week to follow up on your request. Thank You!

The Curbside Market provides fresh, affordable foods in low-income communities throughout Foodlink’s service area. The program aims to increase food access in areas without nearby farmer’s markets or grocery stores. Curbside is a program that increases public health and agricultural economic development. The purpose of Curbside is to simulate a grocery store in a convenient way for shoppers who live in low-income communities. We visit the same sites, on the same day, at the same time every week. Curbside has a fleet of three trucks that visit a minimum of 60 sites per week, including: affordable housing facilities, health clinics, senior centers, recreation centers, and other community centers.

We ask that all site partners meet the following criteria:
 Demonstrate community need for the Curbside Market at your site.
 Provide a consistent location and point of contact for the market to operate.
 Maintain a consistent schedule for the Curbside Market.
 Draw enough customers to meet the minimum consumer activity requirements (15 customers/visit)
 Communicate, advertise, and promote the Curbside Market to the community
Organization Name *
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If your site is a housing facility, how many units are there?
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How did you hear about the Curbside Market? *
Are you interested in hosting the Curbside Market for: *
What are the primary groups that your organization serves?
Approximate number of community members/clients who use SNAP/EBT, WIC, or other nutrition assistance programs
What days of the week would you prefer to host the Curbside Market? Check all that could apply
What time frame would you prefer to host the Curbside Market? (check all that could apply, time frames are approximate. Curbside site visits typically last 45 - 60 minutes)
How did you arrive at your desired schedule choices? List any activities occurring during your proposed time frame *
The Curbside Market primarily serves individuals and communities without adequate access to fresh, affordable produce. We expect a high number of SNAP and WIC eligible consumers at each site. Please demonstrate your sites community need. Examples include: How far to the nearest grocery store? How many people does your facility serve? Are you located near another farmers market? What are the demographics of your area? *
The Curbside Market requires a primary point of contact at your organization for our operations. This individual will be consulted regarding scheduling, promotion, and logistical requirements for the market. This individual will also be responsible for facilitating the market at their site, including direct promotion, community outreach, and social media use. Who will serve as this point of contact for your organization? *
Please describe the location that you would like the Curbside Market to visit your site. Where exactly would we park? Is this location visible from the street? *
The Curbside Market sustains itself through sales, which requires minimum consumer activity to support our operational costs. To maintain a slot on our weekly schedule, sites are expected to draw roughly 15 customers per visit. Please demonstrate your sites ability to meet minimum consumer activity for the Curbside Market. Is there sufficient food traffic? Where will you flyer? What time of day is busiest? *
Foodlink will provide host sites with flyers, postcards, nutrition education information, and social media tips. We expect host sites to communicate, advertise, and promote Curbside using these materials. What is your organization's plan for reaching out? Are there nearby organizations you can partner with? *
Thank you for your request - we will be in touch within a week to discuss your application. If you don't hear from us, please email
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