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DEADLINE: Monday, April 15, 2019

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The Strength Series (breadforthecity.org/strength) is a new Bread for the City endeavor, launching June 2019. These 2nd Monday sessions --- available at no cost to participants --- offer men, particularly those living with low income, an additional and continuing opportunity to gather in a healthy environment to learn, share, grow, and gain additional skills that have the potential to help men "do life better."

The program's Leadership Circle, a group of volunteers committed to The Strength Series' success, will help plan activities and report to BFC's Volunteer & In-Kind Manager. This group will also keep an ear to the ground (to ensure awareness of topics participants would like to learn more about) and represent the “face” of The Strength Series (welcoming participants, introducing speakers, leading small group sessions, and more).

REQUIRED TIME COMMITMENT: Approximately 6-7 hours per month for at least six months. Activities include the 2nd Monday monthly event, a monthly planning session with other members of the Leadership Circle, and monthly reporting to the Volunteer & In-Kind Manager.

OPTIONAL: Leadership Circle participants with additional time to serve may also research and communicate with potential 2nd Monday speakers and/or engage in additional planning for the member's assigned subgroup.

Please contact the BFC Volunteer Engagement Team if you do not have computer access or need help completing this application.

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Tell us about an experience when you were "off track." What did you do to realign and keep moving forward?
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What perceptions do you have of individuals living with low income?
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Why do you want to serve on The Strength Series' Leadership Circle?
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If selected, you will be assigned to lead one subgroup of series participants. Please rank the age groups below according to your preference to work with them, with "1" meaning "MOST preferred" and "4" meaning "LEAST preferred."
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In your opinion, what are some of the topics you think are important to share with men of color and/or men living with low income?
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