"May the cans be with you"

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CANstruction® is a unique charity which hosts competitions, exhibitions and events showcasing colossal structures made entirely out of full cans of food. After the structures are built, the creations go on display to the public as a giant art exhibition. At the end of the event, all food is donated to local hunger relief organizations. Recognized for our commitment
to innovation, hunger relief and collaboration, our work has helped raise
over 21 million pounds of food since 1992. CANstruction events are held
annually in over 150 cities around the world including North America, Australia, South America, Europe and Asia.
• 2015 will be the fifth consecutive year of AIA BATON ROUGE CANstruction®
• 2011 raised 11,174 pounds of food providing 9,311 meals
• 2012 raised 12,336 pounds of food providing 10,280 meals
• 2013 raised 17,266 pounds of food providing 14,388 meals
• 2014 raised 26,849 pounds of food providing 40,616 meals
• 10 teams participated in 2014
• The build takes place over 12 hours with teams working in friendly competition
• Celebration unveiling is open to the public with announcement of People’s Choice taking place during the event.
AIA Baton Rouge: CANstruction Video
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