ChromeBook Loan agreement
Dear Torrington Families-

You have requested a ChromeBook to allow your child(ren) to participate in online learning. We
are happy to provide them with a device to use at home for the duration of this experience. This
device should be used to support ELearning that is designed by your child’s teacher(s).
Your child may keep this device at home for now, and return it to school when the risk of an
extended closure is over. Please read and review this loan agreement with your child and sign
the form below with your child.

Torrington Public Schools Student and Parent Device Loan Agreement:
The assignment of this device is a significant responsibility for students and parents. It is
expected that the device will show evidence of typical use; however the student and parent are
financially responsible for loss or damage due to neglect. This Agreement represents an outline
of the Torrington Public Schools Technology Acceptable Use Policy. By signing this Agreement,
students and parents/guardians agree to follow the Torrington Public Schools Acceptable Use
Policies & Procedures.

Student Responsibilities:

I have agreed to follow the Torrington Public Schools Technology Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
and to all local, state, and federal laws. I understand that, per the AUP, a violation of any of
these policies could result in loss of network privileges, loss of right to use the device, or
appropriate discipline.
I agree that use of Torrington Public Schools technology is a privilege, and I am responsible for
the proper care of my Torrington Public Schools issued device. This means I will treat my
Torrington Public Schools issued ChromeBook with care by:
-not dropping it,
-not leaving it in places of extreme temperature, humidity, or limited ventilation for an
extended period of time
-not using it with food or drink nearby,
-not writing or drawing on the device or applying any stickers or labels,
-securing the device when it is out of sight. The device should not be left in a location where
someone else might take it.
I understand that unless otherwise instructed, the device is intended for use for school
I agree to apply the digital citizenship principles to my online activities and to report any
concerns to my parents, teachers, and/or Torrington Public Schools staff member.
I agree to avoid suspicious links (if applicable) and to refrain from replacing the manufacturer’s
operating system with custom software (i.e. “jailbreaking” the device).
I agree to keep all accounts and/or passwords issued to me secure. I will not share this
information with any other students. This includes passwords for email and/or network access.
I agree that email (or any other computer communication media) should be used only for
appropriate, legitimate, and responsible communication.
I understand that Torrington Public Schools personnel can review devices and/or files at any
time should an issue arise.
I understand that it is my responsibility to store and backup my files. Torrington Public Schools
can not be responsible for loss of any data.
I will not attempt to repair my Torrington Public Schools issued device, nor will I attempt to clean
it with anything other than a soft cloth.
I will report any problems with my Torrington Public Schools issued device to my teacher
Should your child cease to be a resident of Torrington or otherwise be withdrawn from the
Torrington Public Schools, you agree to return the device in good working order for the benefit
of other users.
I will return my Torrington Public Schools issued device and all of its accessories at the end of
this 2019-2020 school year that will commence no later than June 30, 2020. I understand that
failure to return my device may result in a $175 penalty.
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