2019 Cahoots festival registration
Hi! We are excited that you're registering for the 2019 Cahoots festival, May 23-26 at Pearce Williams, 8009 Iona Rd, Fingal, ON N0L 1K0.

Festival passes include all meals, workshops and games, plenaries and evening sessions, as well as lodging.

Early Bird Prices go from Feb 1 - April 1, 2019:
Festival pass - Adult $135 (12 years or older), Child $75 (3-11 years old), Family $400
Day ticket - Adult $75, Child $45

Normal Prices from April 2 - May 15:
Festival pass - Adult $150, Child $90, Family $450
Day ticket - Adult $80, Child $50

This is a detailed form that can take 10-12 minutes to complete. If you have difficulty with forms, call the SCM Canada Office on 647-849-8819 to arrange someone to go through the form with you. Please ensure you hit SUBMIT at the end, and pass it on to other adults in your group.

Each adult must complete this form, including volunteer assignments, liability waiver, etc. If you're attending as a group, include details and we will make sure you're registered together. If you are paying for the registration of another adult, let us know - they will still need to fill in the form and let us know that you are paying. Payment options are listed at the end.

For a registration to count as complete we need a registration form for each adult, and completed payment for all participants.

PLEASE ENSURE you COMPLETE the form and hit SUBMIT, or your registration will not be recorded. You will see a thank-you message to let you know you've completed the process.

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