Some upcoming permissions and urgent music pre-sale tickets
If you are in orchestra, choir, Irish band, ukulele, jazz, marimba please fill this in by June 22. Thanks
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Open Night Wed July 4th
Choir, Orchestra, ukuleles: 5.30-6.30pm. Jazz, Irish, marimba, sound tech. 5.30-8pm
Voices Festival Wed August 15
Choir, backing band, ukuleles: Evening - Papa Hou @ YMCA, Hereford Street
Diana Isaacs Retirement Village Thursday August 16
Jazz, Irish (There will be another visit by the choir at a later date).
Strum Strike and Blow Wed August 29
Ukulele, Marimba and Recorder day rehearsal then concert 7-815pm
Posh afternoon tea for U3A (Jazz/Irish only) Sept 3rd
Jazz/Irish - afternoon until 4pm - Avonhead (just after the Cultural Fest rehearsal).
Cultural Festival Tuesday September 4th. Horncastle Arena
Choir, backing band, orchestra, ukuleles: Evening (Plus rehearsal Monday afternoon)
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