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Each month, SSDP’s Diversity, Awareness, Reflection and Education (DARE) committee publishes the Monthly Mosaic, a newsletter dedicated to exploring intersectionality and the War on Drugs. Previous newsletters have covered topics such as Privilege, Domestic Violence, Trans Awareness, and Black History Month.

The DARE committee strives to promote inclusivity within the SSDP network, and facilitate collaboration and engagement with presently underrepresented perspectives, individuals, and movements. In order to ensure that the Monthly Mosaic more intentionally and meaningfully reflects these values, the DARE committee is pleased to invite members of our student and alumni network to submit ideas for upcoming issues.

If you have any questions, please contact Frances at We look forward to reading your submissions!

What do you think is the single most important issue the drug policy reform movement is overlooking?
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What do you think is the single most important resource our network should know about? (Ex. articles, videos, activities, websites, etc)
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Upcoming events should the DARE committee know about?
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Has your chapter recently sponsored an event, project, etc. that that DARE committee might want to highlight?
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Do you have any other suggestions for how the DARE committee could better fulfill its mission?
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