Meaningful Service Survey
Hello Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Delta Chapter,

We are Ryan Hardmeyer and Jonathan Fermin Ledda, and we are your Service Vice Presidents for the Fall 2019 semester! As the next Service Vice Presidents, we have made it our mission to revamp Alpha Delta's service program -- not only in the essence of what we do, but why we're serving and who we serve with.

The purpose of this survey is to get a better idea of what "meaningful service" means and looks like to you. We would like to bring back service projects and events which Brothers have enjoyed the most in the past, whether they be a signature project or serving with a specific organization. There is also a section about your professional interest(s) and goal(s). We hope to provide Brothers community service opportunities which will provide ample opportunity for Brothers to develop their passions while benefitting those around them. We will be taking all responses into consideration, so please be truthful and thorough in your responses.

Please complete this survey as soon as time permits within your schedule. Over the summer, we would like to begin contacting organizations for partnerships, as well as developing service project ideas -- therefore, the sooner you complete this survey, the better we will be able to develop the upcoming service program.

With that said, the final deadline to complete this survey is September 6th, 2019 at 11:59PM.

Thank you all for being amazing Brothers - we look forward to serving with all of you next semester!


Ryan Hardmeyer and Jonathan Fermin Ledda
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