Application Form / Ffurflen Ymaelodi
ODA Membership Application / Cais Ymaelodi'r Hen Ddominiciad

Complete as Many of these Sections as Possible, those marked with a red asterisk are required entry-fields.

Once you've submitted your application, you'll then be shown subscription payment options (if applicable) - please take note of the important information on that page.

We take great care of your data and Only the Committee will have access to the information you submit here. We DONT share your details with anyone - including other members. Members are ONLY shown brief details of one another's Names, School-Years, School House and current membership status.

We will happily pass on your details to other specific members, at your written request.

Thank you / Diolch!

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What is your link with the School? / Beth yw eich linc i'r Ysgol? *
Only Ex pupils may join as a Member - Anyone with a Link with Friars may join as a 'Friend'.
Nick Name / Ffug Enw
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Year Commenced at Friars / Blwyddyn Cychwyn Friars *
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Year Finished at Friars / Blwyddyn Gadael Friars *
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School House / Tŷ'r Ysgol
School Years' Address / Cyfeiriad Tra yn yr Ysgol
This Might help old colleagues remember you / Gall hwn Helpu hen gyfeillion eich nabod chi
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Further Education / Addysg Bellach
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Other Details / Gwybodaeth Arall
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Your Preferred Format for the Newsletter / Eich Fformat a Ffefrir ar gyfer y Cylchlythyr *
Please note - 'Large Text' Newsletters are not routinely available and will incur extra costs - Nevertheless, if that's your preference, please contact us for further details
I have been a member of the ODA Previously / 'Dwi wedi bod yn aelod o'r Gymdaethas yn y gorffennol *
ODA 'Shop' / Siop Y Gymdeithas *
Choose your Membership Type / Dewis eich Aelodaeth [Full Details Available HERE:]
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Optional Purchases / Pryniadau Opsiynol
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To Submit your Membership Application - press the 'SUBMITT' Button then, PLEASE comply with the IMPORTANT message that follows : *
I gyflwyno'ch cais Aelodaeth i'r Gymdeithas - rhaid pwyso'r botwm 'SUBMITT', Wedyn, dilynwch y neges PWYSIG sy'n dilyn Os Gwelwch yn Dda :
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