Decent DAO Contributor Application

Decent DAO is making it happen. And we want you to join our DeFi revolution. In-studio to on-chain, we’ve taken our mission out in the open, inviting builders, founders, and degens alike to share knowledge, define new opportunities, and establish a true meritocracy where prosperity is available to all. Each day, we strive to leverage human intelligence in the most efficient way to accelerate decentralization. Join our global distributed talent and intelligent capital network.

  • If you are invited to a phone screen, please anticipate turnaround time from the phone screen to offer stage can take two - four weeks. Keep this in mind as you engage in this process and please be transparent on your urgency.
  • We will be coordinating interviews and reference checks from emails. Make sure to check your spam folder. 

When invited to an interview:

  • Be prepared to have your camera on. It is important for us to make the human to human connection during the interview process.
  • We will ask for your consent to record the interview as we share it with decision makers in the interview process.
  • Read through to learn about current projects. You will be asked to speak about your interest in Decent. We are looking for people who are excited about the work and who demonstrate professionalism by being thoroughly prepared for interviews.
  • Learn more about our ongoing transition from Decent Labs and Decent DAO by reviewing our contributor handbook

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3 - 10 sentences. Looking for thoughtful answers that show you've done research about Decent before applying. Grammar, spelling, and writing abilities are evaluated. 
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3 - 10 sentences. Looking for people that know about the industry or at least have relevant experience. Grammar, spelling, and writing abilities are evaluated. 
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3- 10 sentences. Looking to understand how this position aligns with your future career goals.   Grammar, spelling, and writing abilities are evaluated. 
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If you are applying to a developer position, please ensure you provide links to your github or repos that show your work in skills outlined in the opportunity description.

If you are applying to Visual Identity Designer or UI/UX, must link portfolio to be considered. Applications without links that showcase your work will not be considered. 
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