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You've tried every diet or followed food rules for so long that you can no longer listen to your body, are obsessed with food, feel guilty for eating foods you love, and wish you had more confidence in your body. You're finally ready to ditch dieting for good but feel like you can't do it on your own.

I know this feeling myself, and I've worked with hundreds of people who have felt the same way. I'd love to help you finally:

- feel confident and comfortable in your body
- honor your hunger and fullness
find joy in movement, rather than punishment
- remove guilt, shame, and angst from food
- finally live the fulfilling life you deserve

Please take a few moments to fill out the questionnaire below! These questions will help us determine the best way that I can support you.

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If you no longer struggled with the above issues, how would your life change? What would you want your life to look like? (For example, enjoying holidays without stressing about food; not feeling pressure to diet before a vacation; choosing foods based on what you want and not what you "should" eat; not caring about your clothing size or number on the scale; etc.) *
I offer both individual and group nutrition counseling. For individual sessions, my rate is $250, and we will meet once per week. My 16-week group program, Body Connected Eating, is 5 monthly payments of $399. How comfortable are you making this kind of investment at this time?
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