October 6th-7th 2018
Zeno Mountain Farm Dance a Thon!
Thank you for your interest in the ZMF Dance a thon!
This letter and sign up form should give you all the details and answer any questions but please stay in close touch with any questions and ideas you may have. Above all, know that the money you are raising and the spirit you are enhancing is critically important to the hundreds of people with disabilities, Veterans with PTSD, people with Cancer and others in marginalized communities. You are awesome and we are grateful.

For more information on Zeno Mountain Farm check out our website: www.zenomountainfarm.com

The Dance-a-thon is on October 6th to October 7th 2018 It starts at 3PM on Saturday and ends at 3PM on Sunday.

For fundraising, you pick your own goal that works for you. We want everyone to choose what they feel is reasonable to be successful. Awesome prizes like concert tickets, snowboards, and ice cream will be awarded for people who hit higher goals. We will be in touch after you sign up about how to set up the fundraising.

Once you complete this form and submit it at the bottom of this page, you can begin your fundraising page by going to:


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Swag and Prizes!
Yup, it’s a competition, but it's super low pressure so don't stress about it. Each team will get 2 fitness trackers which will log total calories burned and steps taken. The team in each category that dances the most and hardest over the course of 24 hours will get gigantic trophies, their names displayed forever in The Ron Simonsen Theatre, and win epic prizes. There will also be additional prizes for best dressed.

We use a crowdfunding website to raise money. You will create your own page (we will help of course) and you can send the link to it out to your friends and enemies, post it on Facebook etc. Creating the page is about as hard as creating a Facebook page. You will be able to raise money as an individual or as a team if you prefer. You can pick your fundraising goal to be whatever you think you can get. We recommend at least $300. We will be in touch shortly to talk set up!

All dancers who reach their goal will get swag. We love swag- everyone loves free stuff. T-shirts, sweatbands, caps etc.

T-shirt size
Q: What is a "family team"?
A: A family team is for people with kids who want to participate but can't do the over night. Family teams dance as a group from 3PM - 9PM on Saturday and 9AM to 3PM on Sunday for a total of 12 hours. Teams will get 2 fitness trackers to share and will compete in a separate category.

Q: Will I get a bed for when I'm not dancing?
A: Yes! Everyone who needs one will have a place to crash in one of our beautiful tree house cabins or yurts. Check out the picture below to see the view in October.

Q: Whats the where and when?
A: The dance-a-thon will take place at Zeno Mountain Farm at 950 Zeno Rd in Lincoln, VT 05443. You should plan on being there by 1:30 or 2PM on Saturday the 6th so you have plenty of time to get ready!

Q: Why should I sign up?
A: Because you care about people and you love to challenge yourself and have fun. These are the core principals at Zeno Mountain Farm. We are dedicated to giving people with disabilities and other marginalized communities (Vets, people with TBI, Chronically ill & others) a family. We believe everyone needs a tribe and a shared history. We believe it is a human right.

Q: Is there a theme?
A: The theme this year is Burning Man! If you don't know what that means, think funky, techno, glow, fake fur. And yes, at some point, we will move the party outside and burn the man in the Zeno fire pit!

Q: I want to dance but I don’t have a partner. What can I do?
A: Don’t worry! We will set you up with a partner or team mates to dance with. Just let us know on your form how big a team you would like to dance on and that you are solo.

Q: I really want to do this but I live far away and I don’t have the money to travel.
A: Technically, thats not really a question but send us an email and let us know your situation. We may be able to work something out.

Q: I have other people who want to dance with me but not enough for a full team. What should I do?
A: Hey, we got that covered too! Just let us know on your form and we will find other people like you who need teammates.

Q: Can I make a team from people I work with, go to school with, or my family?
A: Great thinking! Totally. You should do that.

Q: What do I do when I’m not dancing with my team?
A: You can keep dancing, socialize with other non-dancers or rest. We will have “The Lounge” set up with couches, coffee and snacks the whole time below the barn. We will also be serving dinner and brunch so you can eat or run food to your team mates and other dancers.

Q: I don't think I can do this. Ugggg. 24 hours seems like a long time to dance!
A: You can do it! Or, you can dance on a multi person team...

Q: I'm on a 2 person team. Do I get breaks to like pee and eat?
A: Yes. Bathrooms are nearby and we will serve meals too. Also, we will have a 24 hour snack bar in the barn for on the go refreshments.

Q: Can I sleep when I’m not dancing?
A: You bet! Each 3 & 4 person teams will get beds for when they are not dancing in one of our treehouse cabins and yurts.

Q: I want to help but not dance. Can I come?
A: Totally, email Will at will@zenomountainfarm.org we have lots of needs! Thank you!

Q: Can I or my friend come hang out and listen to the bands and chill if we are not officially enrolled in the event?
A: No. This is an event only for dancers and volunteers and is limited to 200 dancers.

Q: How do I know the money I raise will go to the right place?
A: Every penny you raise will go directly to fund camps at Zeno. No one is paid or pays to take part in a Zeno camp. We are a lean and mean non-profit and take pride in full transparency and highest integrity. Please reach out with any questions about our finances or anything at all!

Q: What should I bring?
A: Whatever you want to wear, a warm jacket, and comfy shoes! You will not need bedding/sleeping bags.

Q: What should I not bring?
A: Drugs and alcohol. We have smoking areas available but it’s really bad for you. You should check out the literature on the subject. Also, don't bring any scuba diving equipment. You won't need it.

Q: Where will we be dancing?
A: The dancing will take place in the famous Zeno Barn AKA “The Ron Simonsen Theatre”. It is a heated 19th century barn with a stage. It’s pretty cool.

Q: How many other people are dancing?
A: The event is limited to 220 people total. At any given time, there will be at least 150 people dancing.

Q: My question is not here. What should I do?!
A: Email us at will@zenomountainfarm.org

Inside the Ron Simonsen Theatre at Zeno Mountain Farm
This will be the view from your cabin!
The Ron Simonsen Theatre and home to Zeno Dance-a-thon
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