Muse Art:Play:Temple
An exploration of er0s, creative artistic expression, and experimental co-creation.
August 6th, 3pm into the afternoon and night, Berlin
You are invited to let the creative current flow - playing together with all senses and artistic expressions.
A symphony of our instruments.
Each breath opening the gates to worlds of play, movement, and er0tic creativity.
Muse is a space of permission, curiosity, and continuous unfoldment. Where we give ourselves to the shared exploration of er0s, playful co-creation, art, and listening to what wants to emerge between us.
The empty space is as much part of our creation as the sounds of laughter and song. The pause between words. The tension of anticipation. And the sweetness of letters birthing the gardens of our poetry.
The event structure is intentionally held simple - focused on enabling expression and encouraging impulses rather than ongoing facilitation.
A vessel for our juices to flow. A space for the unexpected to arise and express.
We invite experienced er0tic beings, priestxs, artists, and explorers of intimate group processes. Each person is encouraged to bring themselves fully while honoring the individual needs, boundaries, and desires.
Please fill out this form if you desire to participate:
We have two rooms that make up our playground, studio, and stage for Muse. There is a large room as our play and temple space with instruments, microphones, space for movement & dance, canvas, paints, and anything else we will dream up together. Then there is the dark room, reserved for exploration in the dark.
To make this a truly co-creative space, we invite YOU to bring your art, play, gift, song, poetry, dance, and erotic charge. Got an idea or impulse? Let us know and let’s see how we can make it a reality together. And remember the most important ingredient - joy!
To give our exploration a bit more space than the usual evening event, we will start in the early afternoon with a focused session to connect our group and begin our journey. Followed by shared dinner, and go into the evening/night exploration together. We invite everyone to arrive at 3pm to be part from the beginning and form a cohesive group field.
15h - Arrival
15.30h - Gates close. Opening. Consent. Connection.
Space and guidance to form the group field.
17.30h - Pause. Harvest.
18h - 19.30h dinner time
20h - Opening
Night time - closing the official exploration together
Option to sleep over
10h - Integration circle
11h-13h - Communal restoring of the space
Muse is organized "by us for us" - we invite our web of beings with prior experience moving in er0tic, co-creative spaces. Artists of all kinds. Creative ones.
The event is by invitation only.
Please fill out this form if you desire to participate:
The event is organized “by us for us”. To pay for the space rental, deco, materials/equipment, and drinks/food we ask for a financial contribution of 25-50 EURs in cash.
It is possible to sleep at the venue. The venue asks for an additional 15 EUR contribution if you sleep in your own van or in the group room. If you want to rent a separate room (1-3 bed rooms available), please contact the organizing team.
Muse is organized by the people of Artplay nights, the ISTA community, and the Temple Collective.
Many helping hands and guiding hearts are involved.
The core organizing team for this event are Philip Stehlik, Lena Bumke, and Nora Ora.

We’re excited to be with you 🌀✨🌈🔥

If you are called to join us, please send us your information via this form and we will get back to you with further details.

Please answer the following questions as detailed and creative as you feel (the more information we have, the better). To support an intimate space and an event where we can all express freely, we review all form submissions and will get back to you as soon as possible with our decision to invite you.

With an invitation, you will receive an email with further information regarding payment, location, schedule, etc.

Thank you for your interest in being with us and co-create!
Thank you for your understanding of this process!
We are looking forward to seeing you!
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