Cross Country Volunteers 16/17 December 2023
Hi we are looking for volunteers for the club Cross Country at Newplace Park on Sunday 17 December .  As in previous years Ray and Tanya have kindly allowed us to host this at Newplace Park, Framfield: address Pump Lane, Framfield, TN22 5RH.  Please do not hesitate to include significant others.

We are looking for 5 volunteers on Saturday afternoon and minimum 27 On Sunday morning.  The times for briefings are shown next to the roles.  Please ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the briefing time.  The briefings will take place in the barn and a separate area will be marked off at the back of the barn please make your way to that area at least 5 minutes ahead of the briefing time.  There are briefings every 15 minutes so if you arrive late it runs into  

Saturday 16 December:
1. 3 for Course set up (11:00) (1 is Graham so 2 more needed)  
2. 2 for Barn and yard set up (11:00)

Sunday 17 December:
1. 8 Marshals (Briefing 09:00)
2. 3 registration (2 can run race) (Briefing 08:30)
3. 7 Car park (can run race)  (Briefing 08:15)
4  7 Junior race start/finish (2 can run race) (Briefing 09:15) (1 is Graham)
5  7 Senior race start/finish (Briefing 09:15) (1 is Graham and 1 is Lorraine)
6  3 refreshments in barn (Briefing 08:45)
7  2 Water station (Briefing 9:00)
8. 2 Tail runners for Junior (1 can run race) (Briefing 09:30)
9  1 Tail runner for Senior race  (Briefing 09:30)
9  3 clear up course (can run race) (12:00)
10 3 clear up barn (can run race) (12:00)

The total of above is 51 but as in previous years some people can do more than one role: Eg registration and car park can be combined with finish and Junior race person can help with senior finish or marshal.  The Junior race is 09:50am and Senior race 10:30am.  The senior race should be finished by 12:00.

We do need one of the marshals to take out the defibrillator who should be first aid trained or other wise familiar with a defibrillator.  There will also be professional medical services provided by GLS Medical.   

If anyone can donate cakes for the refreshments that would also be great.  We donate the proceeds to charity (including Alzheimer's charity)  

If you can help please complete the form.  If you have preferences for roles please put this in the comments box.  

You can see bookings so far at  2023-12-17 Newplace Volunteers (Responses) - Google Sheets .   The schedule will show provisional allocations to roles based on you indicated preferences.

This year Central Park Athletics have agreed to assist in provision of marshals hence the additional question of club.
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